Black as Light, part 9

Walking back through Bottlecreek, I could believe that. Walking back to the Black Castle, I couldn’t. I should have gone hiding behind my couch with all the other knights and let the king’s army storm the castle. But then Tanith would never forgive me. I would never hear the end of it.

I sighed and just kept clunking back up the hill to the Black Castle, the White Sword hanging at my side.

When I reached the doors, I paused to pull off my boots. I didn’t want Manny screaming at me about dirt on the floors, much less Eva’s scolding. Once was bad enough.

I pushed open the doors and found all of them gathered in the entry. I just stared at them and pushed the door closed behind me. We stared at each other as I pulled the White Sword out.

“Ahh!” Euclid screamed. “It’s going to get me!”

Euclid threw up his arms and went running and screaming from the entry. We could still hear him screaming for several more minutes, and then glass shattering.

“If that’s the dining room stained glass windows, I’m going to kill him,” Eva said.

“What a mess,” Manny grumbled as he turned and headed off in the direction of shattering glass. “And, of course, I’m the only one who can clean it up properly.”

“It certainly is a fine specimen of craftsman work,” Bede remarked. “I must look up that design. It’s quite stunning.”

Bede walked off after Manny and the rest of us looked down at the hilt to see a very intricate design created by a large amount of tiny white gems.

“You know,” Ferguson spoke up, “I was once an expert swordsman.”

“Not to be trusted,” Virgil said, peering intently at the sword. “I say, is that a sword? I daresay it is. My goodness. Haven’t seen one in years.”

“Is it made of wood?” Drago wanted to know.

“I saw it first,” Gina said.

“No you didn’t,” Gray countered. “I did.”



“Be quiet,” Tanith ordered.

The two gargoyles sniffed at each other and then headed off in opposite directions.

Flavian glided over to me and peered down at the blade. He lifted my hands so he could admire himself in the metal.

“Flavian, it’s not a mirror,” I said.

“Could have fooled me.” Flavian laughed and glided over to one of the actual mirrors in the entry.

“You might want this,” Ferguson said, thrusting a sword out to me.

I took it and looked down to examine the two swords. They looked exactly the same, but the Black Sword had a design created by tiny black gems on the hilt.

I looked up at Tanith helplessly. “What do I do?”

“You put them together.”


“Good question.”

“You don’t know?”

“Well…not exactly.”

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