My love, part 1

In honor of February and Valentine’s Day, I’ll be posting a long love story poem I wrote about a decade ago, divided into 4 parts.

From dawn to dusk
From sun to moon
From life to death
I will always love you.
You live next door
In the peach colored house
Your room was across mine
The curtains would wave in the breeze
When you opened the window
But I never saw you
For you kept the curtains closed
But I knew you were there
And I loved you.
The first day of high school
Was the first I saw you
We stood with our neighbors
Awaiting the bus to take us to school
I turn to my friend
Olivia, who is the dark haired boy?
I don’t know. He’s new.
At school I searched
For the dark haired boy.
He was not in any of my classes
Never at sight during lunch.
Yet I saw him only twice a day
First at the bus stop in the morning
Reading a book, glasses slipping down
Then walking in his house after school
A triumphant smile on his face.
I knew he went to his room
Sometimes heard mutters
If I listened closely to the wind
See a ball of paper fall from the window
To the trash cans below
I knew he was a writer
Of what I did not know

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