My love, part 3

Part 3 of this long poem!

The summer went by fast
We never said a word to each other
In August he left for college
Where I did not know
I left a day later
To the private college
Red Vine University
My dorm was in
White Rod
After I was settled
My roommate Jasmine took me on a tour
I saw a dark haired boy
Shuffling down the hallway to the stairs
Jasmine, who is that boy?
I don’t know. A freshman like you, Misty.
Could it possibly be
My neighbor from home
The one I so deeply love
Peter Stephen Grahme
College went by in a swirl of colors
I saw him twice a day
I saw him leave the building in the morning
And return at night
Always alone with a stack of books
Wearing that triumphant smile I knew so well
A quiet person, my Peter Stephen Grahme
I’ll say hello the next we meet
But we never met
No matter how hard I tried
We never passed, never had a common class
We graduated the same year
He studied medicine and went on to medical school
I studied technology
And became an executive
Our paths never crossed
I never heard from him again
Yet I still loved him

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