My love, part 4

The last part of this long poem. Happy February, everyone! Now I’m off to wait for Spring.

Proving love was stronger than time and passage
I knew he was meant to be mine
One day a new doctor came to the clinic
I decided it was time for a check-up
The new doctor became my doctor
Dr. Peter Stephen Grahme
He looks at me, then his clipboard
Does he remember me?
Is he married?
I don’t care. He’s still mine
Ms. Misty Rose Lanser?
Yes, that’s my name
How do you feel today?
I fare fine.
Quietly, he asks
Is there someone in your life?
My heart beats faster,
My breath quickens
Could it be he was finally to be mine?
No, I say quietly
Dr. Peter Stephen Grahme takes my hand
My Peter holds it tightly
There’s no one in mine
Except one very special girl
I cease to breath, awaiting his next words
She was always there from high school on
My neighbor in the gray house
I watched her every day
A triumphant smile on my face
Because I knew there was no one in her life
No one except me
I claimed her in my thoughts and dreams
I decided to make her mine for eternity
When we graduated from college
I feared it was the last I saw of her
I watched her pack up and leave my life
I thought our paths would never cross again
You thought I didn’t recognize you today
When I know you recognized me
I just couldn’t believe it was you
Walking into my office years later
I love you, Misty Rose Lanser
I always have
I’ve watched you, though you never saw me
Will you marry me, Misty Rose Lanser?
I’ve longed to be yours, I say
I wanted to talk to you
But was afraid you would turn me away
I always knew it was you
I was destined to marry
Yes, Peter Stephen Grahme
I will marry you.
At that moment
I knew we were finally home
I knew we were together forever
When we reached the alter and said I do
You and me forever
My love.

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