Motherhood: That toothless smile

Well, the rest of this month is a bit of a wash. My son decided to change his nap schedule on me, so now neither of us quite knows when he wants to sleep and for how long, which means I don’t get much done! Besides that, we’re doing a little traveling this month, and then we start some serious sleep training (with fingers crossed that this time – this time! – it’ll work). So, here’s a poem to commemorate 7 months of (still) waking up every 1-2 hours every single night!

Tiny toes, chubby fingers
Delicate ears, button nose
Chubby, rosy cheeks
Just ripe for pinching
Wide eyes
Drinking in the world
Blinking in wonder
Waving arms and legs
Kicking, and grabbing toes
Fingers grasping, wrapping
Peaceful in sleep
What is that?
Cooing and desires to speak
Did he say “ok” or “hi” just now?
Cries for comfort
And soft bed
All worth it
For that perfect toothless smile.

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