The Santa Ana Winds

Even though The Lily Cafe isn’t opening until January, I wanted to take some time now to address the Santa Ana winds currently blowing through Southern California. The fires that have broken out and have been fanned by these relentless winds have been in the news, and my thoughts, for the past few days.

As a native Southern Californian, the Santa Ana winds are nothing new. We get them every year. They bring incredibly dry and warm weather. It may be December, but we’ll be expecting 80 degree weather this weekend. The skies are beautiful and blue, but they put static in my hair and make my skin feel dry and irritated.

With the Santa Anas also comes red flag warnings. That means the fire danger is high. Usually, it isn’t as severe as this current bout, with more fires than I would like to keep track of (I’m afraid of fire), but there is always the danger. This is most dangerous in the more wooded areas, like the beautiful cities sitting at the base of the mountains, and I am fortunate to live in a more urban setting where the danger is usually limited to falling ash, poor air quality, and smoke that can make the skies turn reddish orange.

I curse these winds whenever they come. They are annoying and dangerous. This time they have even brought hurricane force winds. Having lived in Maryland during Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, I was a little apprehensive of the tree outside our window when I woke in the middle of the night with my daughter.

Yes, I hate these winds. Yes, I fear the fires. And, yes, I now hold the people who have been evacuated due to these fires in my thoughts. So close to the holidays, this is something that shouldn’t be happening.

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