Becoming Mother

Growing up I was fortunate to have a stay-at-home mother. I loved knowing my mom was always, always there whenever I needed her. I loved knowing I could have changing school and extracurricular activity schedules and it was fine. However, I knew her life wasn’t for me. I did not want to stay at home, much less have kids.

About 10 years in the future…

I married a man who wanted kids. I agreed to have two, assured I would have my career while raising the two kids. Four years later, kid 1 was born. I had my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and took some time to be at home with our son. Three years later, kid 2 was born. In between, I worked with children with autism. I thought I would work and we would get a babysitter for the kids.

Life has a way of laughing at me. Before our daughter was born, our son was diagnosed with a speech delay. My husband was completely unwilling to leave him in someone else’s care since he said little beyond making a b sound. With our schedules, we made it work so I could work, but my husband changing jobs changed that.

All of a sudden, I am a stay-at-home mother of two, but hopefully not for too long. Until I manage to get back out into a world where small people are not yelling at me to feed or change them, this is my journey into motherhood.

10 thoughts on “Becoming Mother

  1. Life sure has a way of messing up plans. I’m sorry that things haven’t worked out for you. Hopefully your son will start doing better so you can get back to work. Nice hearing from you.


    1. Thanks, Molly! Life has a weird sense of humor sometimes, but I have high hopes for this year. Happy 2018 to you!


  2. I have my masters in social work and did therapy in schools. Never did I see myself staying home to be a mom. Then, my son was born. Thanks for sharing. Def encouraging to see someone with a similar degree taking time to pour into your family as well

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    1. Likewise! I often feel like I’m missing out professionally, but the babies are babies only one time and work will always be there. I look forward to reading more about your journey.

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  3. Thank you so much for liking my post. Please feel free to share it if you like. I’d love to hear what other people think! I’m looking forward to reading your blog with a cup of tea 🙂


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