Breastfeeding and Nausea

When my son was born, I started breastfeeding right away. Not doing so wasn’t an option in my mind. I was well aware of all the benefits for my child. Besides, my mom breastfed me and I promised her I would do the same.

My mom also told me to expect to feel hungry or thirsty or both while feeding my baby. She told me I might need to go to the bathroom, but that feeling just might vanish after the baby was done eating. I would need to increase my calorie intake and make sure I took in more calcium.

I listened, and anticipated all this and more when it came time for me to feed my newborn.

What I didn’t expect was the intense nausea. It lasted only a couple of seconds, but it was almost like I was back in the first trimester. I couldn’t eat or drink. If I was having dinner, I had to put down my fork. Food made me want to throw up.

A couple of seconds later and I was back to normal. I could eat and drink and forget those few seconds of overwhelming nausea.

I don’t know why it happened. My mom couldn’t tell me. My doctor had no answer. The Internet was no help. I figured it was just my body being weird. My son breastfed for a year and a half. For a year and a half I experienced nausea every time he ate.

I never forgot it after he was weaned. I remembered it when we decided to have a second baby. I thought about it the entire pregnancy. Was it going to happen again?


It did.

It still is.

Every time I feed my daughter I experience that intense nausea again. I know it will pass, so I am patient. I know to expect it. It’s a small price to pay for all the benefits it gives her and me. It’s only a few seconds, but I do wonder why I experience it.

7 thoughts on “Breastfeeding and Nausea

  1. Thanks for sharing this. My fiancé and I are expecting our son in April and most of the information we are finding omits some of the less glamorous side of pregnancy and motherhood. The world needs more stories like yours to let women know that different things happen to everyone, but there are ways through them.

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    1. Thank you! That’s exactly why I wrote this. Every experience is different, but someone else may be experiencing the same thing and sometimes it helps to know that. And congratulations to you and your fiance!

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  2. I have never heard of this happening while breastfeeding. I am currently struggling with hyperemisis Gravidarm and I’m terrified that it won’t go away.


    1. Yikes! Hopefully you won’t experience more nausea. I hadn’t heard of it, either, and couldn’t find anything about it, so I wrote it here just in case anyone else has it. Best of luck and congratulations!


  3. I actually had nausea a few times after I first started nurseing. Not during nurseing but randomly and it was frighteningly intense. Just as bad as being pregnant and then it would simply vanish as if it had never been. It would only last a few minutes but I would be shaken. Pregnancy was awful and I really didn’t want to expirence that level of sickness again. Thankfully that passed after a few months. I am not sure I could do nurseing if I expirenced that every time.

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