I’d like to say my daughter is 9 months and teething. But I can’t tell! Which sounds strange because I know the signs and symptoms of teething and this isn’t my first child. But she’s been acting like she’s teething since she was 4 months and there are still no teeth.

Come on, little girl, I want you to be able to chew!

For months her dad and I have been saying she must be teething. Every time she starts chewing on everything, every time she goes through bouts of poor sleeping, every time she drools more than usual, every time…you get the idea. But no teeth appear. Does this kid even have any?

I was a late teether. I was about 8-9 months when I got my first teeth. I guess I should be expecting my kids to possibly be late teethers. My mom said I just sucked on my lips and gums a lot when I was teething, so it wasn’t actually that bad. No screaming in pain. No need for pain relievers. No need for teethers. I was a good teether?

My son didn’t teeth until he was 8-9 months, too. Actually, it was kind of funny. He had no signs that we could see. One day there were no teeth and the next, surprise! He wasn’t fussy. He didn’t seem to be in any pain. He was his regular happy, normal fussy self. But we did notice, after the third time, that he would throw up one week before we saw a new tooth. Every time. This kid threw up to let us know to watch for teeth. Otherwise he was happy and had zero teething signs and symptoms. Just throw up. Teething was a breeze! Well, maybe not for him and his tummy.

Now I wonder what my daughter will be like. Will she be fussy and inconsolable? Will she bear it well? Will she throw up, too? Or is everyone in this family going to teeth a different way?

Regardless, I hope she finally gets some teeth soon, then I’ll feel a little better about giving her table foods since she’ll be able to chew. And she so wants to eat everything we do right now. She actually snatches crackers from her brother’s hands.

Dear Tooth Fairy,

My daughter would like her teeth now. Thank you.


This toothless baby’s mother

5 thoughts on “Teething

  1. Love this! My six month old has had teething signs since 3 months and I’ve been waiting for a tooth to pop. This last few weeks however, things have gotten worse. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not fussy (well wkmand turns) but he has his hands in his mouth constantly biting and he even started biting my shoulder, so I’m sure (hopefully) a tooth comes soon.

    Thanks for sharing

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  2. Haha, doesn’t matter how many kids I’ve had, I’m always sure I know when a baby’s teething and I’m always wrong, lol. And then teeth show up when I least expect it. 😛

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