The Bottom Line, or 30 Second Book Reviews

Welcome back to The Bottom Line, where I quickly review a book. It’s not because the book is that bad or good, but because I’m often too busy to write a full review of every book I read.

Glass Hearts by Autumn Doughton

Rating: 3.5 stars

A college romance story between Ellie and Ben, a pre-law student and musician, who find themselves as new roommates after having a spark in a coffeehouse. This is a sweet story involving the changes in life goals that so often happens during college. But it was also predictable and follows the formula for a romance. Sweet, but not terribly different from any other romance. But check it out if you enjoy college romances.

Geoducks are for Lovers by Daisy Prescott

Rating: 3 stars

If the above is a romance during college, then this is one long after college, to the point of a college reunion. Maggie has been hiding away on an island, but invites her college friends, including friend/crush Gil, for a weekend at her home. Like the above, this is a sweet story of second chances and rediscovering yourself. However, it is also formulaic, drags periodically throughout, and I still have no idea what the title means. But check it out if second chance stories are your thing.

Setup on Front Street by Mike Dennis

Rating: 4 stars

Intriguing perfectly noir. Don Roy is fresh out of prison and soon finds himself at odds with former criminal friends and seriously at odds with a powerful, wealthy family that practically runs Key West. This book isn’t without flaws and was slow to start up. It was a little difficult getting into it at first. But, as the story went on, action mixed well with the narrative. The characters were well-defined with appropriate backstories and I liked that each character had a defined role important to the story. Overall, I loved the noir feel and it’s worth a try if you enjoy the genre.

Thanks for spending 1.5 minutes with me!

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