Two Easy Ways to Dress Stylish as a Mom by Becca from The Mini Apartment

If you missed her the first time around…

The Lily Cafe is pleased to present Becca from The Mini Apartment!

“A little place for a lot of life.”

After spending the past 6 years living in 6 different places in 2 states, Becca has realized it is not the size of a space or where you are in your life that brings contentment, but what you do with it to cultivate your own happiness that really matters. The Mini Apartment exists to inspire, encourage, uplift, and help you through your own endeavors as you learn how to live vibrantly, stay happy, and stay sane  as you make the transition from wife to mother. Through marriage, motherhood, and learning to embrace all seasons of life — you’ll find encouragement, humor, and relatable real-girl life hacks at The Mini Apartment!


Let’s face it, moms, just getting out of bed and putting something (anything!) on can be hard. Whether you have a newborn or a few older kids running around, being a mom is tiring and messy.

But there comes a day when you do have a few minutes (hard to find, but they do exist!), or even just the inclination, to actually look presentable to the world. Uh oh. How do you do that again?

Thankfully we have Becca from The Mini Apartment to help guide us! With an incredible sense of style, she has found 2 ways to look stylish as a mom, and at just 6 months postpartum.

Interested in looking edgy and cool like she does in the above picture for a casual weekend out? Or do you prefer feminine and artsy for a Sunday brunch or date in the park with your little one?

Be sure to find out here!

Finding pieces that flatter your post-baby body that are stylish, comfortable and conceal/hold in any leftover bump-tummy squishyness doesn’t have to be hard if you know what to look for!

– The Mini Apartment

Okay, I get it, style may not be your first concern as a new mom, but maybe your relationship with your husband/partner is. Having a child really has an impact on a marriage/relationship and many couples struggle. Fortunately, Becca has some good tips on this as well: check out a few things she does to keep her marriage strong!

Aside from working on your marriage and trying to find your perfect postpartum style, Becca believes in the importance of finding community as a new mom. However, it can be so scary to put yourself out there and make new friends! Thankfully, Becca has found a way to take some of the stress out of it. Check out this new mom’s tips to build solid friendships.

Becca has so many great posts about motherhood and marriage. Be sure to catch her at The Mini Apartment!

And don’t forget to follow her for everyday encouragement, humor, and tips on how to survive and thrive as a new mom:

Instagram: @beccabeam


Thank you so much, Becca! It was a pleasure to have you!

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