Dream Job by Lindsey from The Mommiest Introvert

The Lily Cafe is thrilled to present Lindsey from The Mommiest Introvert!

Lindsey is an introverted Mom to two extroverted kids and wife to an extroverted husband, trying to be her awkward self and still function in society. Her blog is about all things motherhood, as well as other topics that are important to her, such as her faith, books, and food.


Growing up, we all had a dream job, a “What do you want to be when you grow up” answer. Doctor, lawyer, firefighter, teacher, gardener, zookeeper, etc. But what about stay at home mom? How many moms said they wanted to be a stay at home mom when they were 5?

Lindsey says it best:

I feel like stay at home moms get a lot of flack for not working outside of the home. How dare we not have a giant career that we push for. Maybe we’re really really lazy, or maybe we have no ambition.

-Lindsey from The Mommiest Introvert

As a stay at home mom myself, Lindsey really speaks to my heart. She doesn’t write about working moms vs stay at home moms. Nor does she defend why she has chosen to be a stay at home mom.

Instead, Lindsey talks about her Dream Job. Why being a stay at home mom works for her and why it is a dream job.

Some moms are blessed with the choice of staying home or going to work, with those choosing to stay home often facing backlash. But Lindsey says it best:

I can’t imagine myself looking back at a list of accomplishments and a career and it being as satisfying to me personally as looking back on all that time with my kids.

-Lindsey from The Mommiest Introvert

To read on about how being a stay at home mom is her Dream Job and what it means to her, and possibly many other stay at home moms (like myself and maybe even you!) head on over to her blog and take a read.


Be sure to give her a follow and keep up with her:

Instagram: @lindseystelzig.

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