Dancing Queen

My dancing queen, soon you will be one.

For 8 months, I knew almost nothing about you. I knew you were going to be daddy’s princess at 16 weeks. I knew you liked to have hiccups at some of the most irritating times (please, let mommy sleep). I knew you were getting ready to come when you dropped at 32 weeks. I knew you were as anxious to meet us as we were to meet you when you came early at 36 weeks.

So sweet, so adorable from that first moment. I got to hold you in those first few hours like I had never gotten to hold your brother. From your very first night with us, you fell asleep to the Celtic songs I had been singing to you since 16 weeks.

Your personality showed up fast after that!

You were intrigued by your brother and his hair, loved granddaughter-grandma time, and loved going naked. At just a few months old, you were ready to sit up, screamed at tummy time, and wanted to crawl by the time you were 5 months.

But what you really loved was music. Any music. Songs on the radio or the intro music to the various shows your brother watched. All it took was a note and you would start bouncing. Soon you threw in a hand wave. And then you started moving your little tushie.

Sometimes I put on Puppy Dog Pals just to see you dance because that one is your favorite, though you could care less about the show.

My little dancing queen, there hasn’t been any music you won’t bounce at least a little to. You enjoy your music, and you enjoy widely.

I’m blessed to be your mom and I look forward to many, many years of getting to know you. Maybe you will always be my dancing queen. But maybe you won’t. Daddy, brother, and I all look forward to watching you grow and learn.

Happy first birthday!


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