The Lily Cafe is a…Lifestyle Blog?

When I created the Twitter account for the Cafe, my husband eagerly took over from this poor overwhelmed lady. He found a lifestyle blogger with a ton of followers and started talking about how he wanted to make my blog that big.


Most of the, okay every one I can think of, lifestyle blogs have something to do with fashion, fitness, and beauty. I wear clothes that I’ve had since high school. Working out involves running after the kids and keeping them alive. I wash my hair and brush it once a day. And I brush my teeth! Does that count for beauty?

So I started reading. I’m a writer, so I get curious. Can you blame me? Turns out I was wrong on what a lifestyle blog is. It’s just all about how one person lives their life.

Okay. I got this.

The Lily Cafe is basically on the road to this. I read, write, mom, bake, and ramble. That’s how I live my life. And…that’s what I write about. So…score? I don’t know; I’m bad at sports!

So if by lifestyle you mean how you live, this blog is practically there already. But if you’re looking for something with some kind of life theme like minimalism or living a life of excess or frequent wanderer or foodie, well, this isn’t it. If you mean just living a life, then I’m golden.

My life is messy. It’s chaotic. I have a toddler and toddler-in-training. They don’t know what clean up and put dishes in the sink mean yet. They know how to dump things out of boxes. I’m not going to have beautiful pictures. Partly because I’m not a great photographer. Partly because…that’s just not my life and I’m not going to stress and waste time on trying to get the perfect picture. Hear the floor lamp crashing? Yeah, give my daughter a second and she’ll pull the poor thing down.

What does this mean for the blog? Well, not too much, actually. The two things that absolutely are not changing are my Wednesday writing posts and The Husband’s Saturday posts. Otherwise, it just means I have more flexibility in what I post and when. See, we have a brand new area: The Crafting Table, where I can write about all the bad crafting with kids ideas and attempts. Okay, they’re not all terrible, but 2 small children definitely make it…interesting.

So welcome to the revamped Cafe! You’re always welcome to pull up a chair and enjoy tea, cookies, and a story or two while I try to keep us all alive.

Yay, we’re a lifestyle blog now…whatever that means…


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20 thoughts on “The Lily Cafe is a…Lifestyle Blog?

  1. I have researched “what is a lifestyle blog” as well! I too feel like I live a normal life just trying to juggle all the pieces!

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    1. If I really think about it, every blog could probably be a lifestyle blog. I just don’t understand why there has to be a label, especially when most bloggers are just ordinary people trying to stay alive.

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    1. I’ve always hated labels, so labeling this thing just has me giggling and rolling my eyes. And, thanks! I’m glad you enjoy what I wrute.


    1. Thanks, and that’s so true! Though it’s funny how it gets called a “lifestyle.” Don’t we all have one? On one hand, I understand a lifestyle blog. On the other, I’m completely flummoxed.


  2. Oh my god! Finally! I loved this post,
    I struggle to find where I fit in within this perfectly polished sphere of lifestyle blogging sometimes, my blog (arguably much like my life) is a bit of a mess, from holidays and days out, to crafts, which used to be the main thing, and now is less so at least lately… I often wondered if this “Lifestyle blog” thing is really the niche I’m in, I may not be a parent, but I’m a fairly normal thirtysomething, who also still wears clothes I’ve had since I was a teenager (so thanks for that!) and rarely brushes my hair, let alone wearing make-up. I was beginning to think I was alone!
    Now following, as a fellow real-life(style) blogger!

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    1. So glad to meet you! I was afraid I would be all alone, too. All those lifestyle blogs do look so perfectly polished that it’s easy to feel like an imposter even though we are also posting about our lifestyles. But life is messy and about so much more than just how everything looks. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and follow! I can’t wait to read more about your messy, wonderful lifel

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  3. I liked your blunt and raw approach as the misconception of a “Lifestyle Blog” has actually kept so many of us ordinary souls away from penning down our crazy thoughts. Your style and ease of scattering words around has a tangy twist. Kudos !!

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    1. Thank you so much! Lifestyle blogs have really taken on a life of their own and gone right into an exclusivity zone, but it really is for anyone who chooses to blog about the way they live. I hope using the label isn’t daunting to you, and I wish you the very best of luck!


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