Mother’s Day is About My Children

I have a fantastic mother. No, really. She’s amazing and wonderful and I want to be just like her.

Growing up, I did my best to take care of my mom on Mother’s Day, to let her know I appreciated her. Whatever she wanted, my dad, siblings, and I did our best to give it to her. She was never demanding, but always asked for the things that were important to her.

As a mom-to-be 4 years ago, I was looking forward to Mother’s Day. Of course, I knew my child was going to be young for a number of years and wouldn’t understand the day. But he would one day and I looked forward to being appreciated just like I appreciated my mom.

And then I became a mom. And all I wanted on Mother’s Day was to just hold and snuggle my baby.

Then I became a mom again, just before my third Mother’s Day. I was tired and trying hard to figure out how to be a mom of two, and a stay-at-home mom where the expiration date for that title was completely up in the air.

With my fourth Mother’s Day coming, my first baby understands more, can do more. But I don’t want to be pampered. I don’t want  him to take care of me. One day I’d like to be appreciated, but not today.

Instead I want to spend the day snuggled with my babies. I want to enjoy them being young. I want to scrap our daily schedule and just enjoy the day. Mostly, I want to celebrate the tiny people who graced me with the title of mom.

And my husband. Without him, I wouldn’t be a mother. No, really. I hadn’t wanted kids before meeting him. Without him wanting kids and me wanting him, I wouldn’t be a mom.

Sure, I do an insane amount of work every day to take care of my family. Sure, I’d love a thank you.

But this year I want to thank the people who made it possible for me to be the mom on Mother’s Day.

This year, Mother’s Day is about my children. And my husband.

However you choose to celebrate, Happy Mother’s Day! For all that you do, you deserve to be celebrated and to celebrate as you wish!

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