Why Couldn’t the Old Man Who Bumped His Head Get Up in the Morning?


You probably don’t know this, but I can be a little dark and twisted. While I’d like to say it’s from sleep deprivation, it’s not. No, my friends and I have always been a bit…morbid. Since high school. At least.

And then comes the sleep deprivation and entertaining 2 toddlers all day. And singing nursery rhymes on repeat.

It’s cloudy today, but likely won’t rain. It never seems to here. But it makes me think of rain. And when I think of rain, I think of the nursery rhyme:

It’s raining, it’s pouring

The old man is snoring.

He went to bed and bumped his head

And couldn’t get up in the morning.

And when I end up singing it over and over and over and over and over… Well, things take a dark turn.

Why couldn’t he get up in the morning?

I think he died during the night. After all, he was old and bumped his head. Sure, he started off snoring. But then he died. And couldn’t get up in the morning.

Yup, I’m a little twisted.

And I need need something new to sing.

9 thoughts on “Why Couldn’t the Old Man Who Bumped His Head Get Up in the Morning?

  1. Omg, Kat! THIS speaks to me on so many levels. Let us not forget about poor Humpty Dumpty. Fell of the wall, shattered into a million pieces. NO ONE COULD FIX HIM! Humpty died. And everyone sings about it so joyfully. Why!!!

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    1. Oh, that’s so true! For years I’ve been singing about Humpty along with one of my son’s toys and never thought of this! I may never sing it again. Maybe I’ll never sing another nursery rhyme while I’m at it. Why are children’s songs so dark?! There’s Rock a by Baby with falling babies and Ring Around the Rosies was about the plague. And the itsy bitsy spider probably drowned.

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