Baking with Young Children Tip #3

In lieu of a daily question on Fridays this month, I’ll be giving a baking with young children tip. I’ve switched up Fridays this month to highlight dads, but I can’t bring myself to forego food entirely.

Baking tip #3: Crack those eggs into a bowl.

Seriously. If you’ve ever baked with young children, you know those round little ovals that roll everywhere are very tempting for little hands. And you’ve probably cleaned up a few broken eggs or more.

Since the eggs should be brought to room temperature and the butter should be softened before baking, I take them out while my kids are occupied, about an hour or so before we start baking. Instead of letting the eggs roll around, just crack them into a bowl! Then little hands can’t drop or knock them off the counter and they can even help add the eggs.

Hopefully this will save an egg or two out there. I know I’m tired of cleaning up eggy messes.

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