On Blogging and Blogging Fatigue

First of all, I don’t even know if blogging fatigue exists, but it should. I’m exhausted. And I’m too tired to actually look it up.

Second of all, this was supposed to be a post about how to be a blogging mom who is engaged with the community. But…blurg.

I really hadn’t actually planned to write a blogging mom series. It just…happened. The first 3 posts went well. I had fun writing them. Then came the final engagement one. I had plans, an outline of sorts. But then I realized it was kind of stupid.

With so many social media platforms out there and with bloggers seemingly on every single one of them, it didn’t seem like it would make a lot of sense to write that last post. In my limited experience with social media, it all works the same way. You do your posts and then scroll through and like, follow, and comment. Ta da! If you can do it on one platform, you can do it on all of them, if you just make the time.

Frankly, I have a suspicion that many of the mom bloggers I follow are way more active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter than in the blogging world, which makes me wonder why they follow my blog and then seem to never ever look at my blog again, but that’s a rant for another time. Maybe. Anyways, be a blogging mom who is engaged with the community by liking, following, and commenting. There you go! Oh, and check your spam folder for comments once in a while. And check for comments awaiting moderation.

Moving on to blogging fatigue…


  1. Blogging has become exhausting. You’re tired from blogging for so much time and writing so many posts.
  2. Reading blogs has become exhausting. You read so many your eyes go cross eyed and you no longer know who anyone is.
  3. You’re just tired of blogging and stop. No one is looking at your blog, so you’re basically writing into a vacuum.

At least, that’s how I define blogging fatigue. Again, no clue if  it’s a real thing or I’m just going nuts.

Though, I am fortunate that the third definition hasn’t hit me. Just the opposite, and I’m very grateful for it. But some posts do get several comments and I like to reply to show my gratitude. And I comment on other blogs. And they reply and sometimes we get a conversation going. And all the commenting makes me tired sometimes. But I…can’t…stop. Help.

Anyways, I’m at the first two definitions. I’ve been posting 5 days a week since this year started. It’s been about 6 months full of writing, editing, planning, reading, liking, following, commenting, and being a living, breathing wife and mom 24/7/365 (366) to a husband and two toddlers. And can’t forget the cat who meows pitifully at me all day and then claims my lap every single night and my feet around dawn. Geez. No wonder I’m tired. Don’t ask how I manage. I’m a witch and can slow down time? Ha! I wish!

Which brings me to a little announcement.

The Lily Cafe is taking a break! From July 1st to the 14th The Husband and I will not be posting and likely won’t be reading. We started as tired parents and now we’re tired parents and tired bloggers. And hopeful our daughter will either cease teething for a bit of time or start sleeping through the night. At this point, we’ll take anything!

Also, The Lily Cafe is going award free. We truly appreciate the nominations and are floored that you like us that much, but, well, see above! We just can’t keep up. We thank you if you think of us in the future, but there are so many lovely bloggers out there who probably won’t sit on the nominations for as long as we have and they deserve nominations as much, or more, than we do. Though we are incredibly thankful and humbled. We just can’t seem to find out where all our lost time went… (Honey, try that drawer over there. No? Hmm, let’s hunt around in the bathroom.)

Thank you so much for enjoying The Lily Cafe! You are always invited to pull up a chair and enjoy tea, cookies, and a story or two!

30 thoughts on “On Blogging and Blogging Fatigue

  1. Oh my gosh, so true, all of this. I will be taking a break too around August and will have some reposts and pre posts scheduled. It’s summer, so everyone should be out taking a much needed break having some summer fun. Love your site and you are right, it is hard to keep up on reading and posting. Will miss it. I don’t know how you are able to post 5 times a week, that is amazing to me when I see bloggers post a lot…it isn’t easy. Thanks for doing that and have a wonderful break.

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    1. Yes, we should definitely be enjoying summer. And much needed breaks. Honestly, I only post so much because I have so many topics I love, but it’s the equivalent of writing 4-5 different blogs. Though that schedule button is incredibly handy. And, thank you so much, I’m honored you enjoy my blog. I’ve been enjoying yours as well, and I hope you enjoy your upcoming break as well!


  2. That sounds hectic! I haven’t faced blogging fatigue yet but i am sure it exists. You should really take out time to relax and enjoy every single moment because once its gone you will miss it. Just a reminder, you are doing amazing and best of luck 👍👍👍

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    1. Thanks! I hadn’t thought of this before, but blogging really is a lot of work! Though I have fun and have so much to write, you’re right, relaxation is very much needed. Thank you so much for your comment!


  3. The struggle is forever real, I find myself not posting much and I feel terrible. There’s been some content but not a lot. Definitely a believer of blogger fatigue. Ugh. Especially with three kids and them being on summer break. enjoy your break.

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    1. Very much so. I have two toddlers, but three kids sounds like a ton more work that leaves less time for blogging. It’s impressive that you can do it. It’s nice to know other people feel the blogging fatigue. Enjoy your summer!


    1. Blogging fatigue is a sneaky thing. It sure snuck up on me! Don’t worry; I’ll be back July 16! I have things planned, and hopefully they’re interesting!

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  4. My current blog is the 4th I have. Before I had a livejounal, I had another wordpress together with two friends, and a third one with a different person. I did podcasts. And I don’t care about the number of people following me or the previous blogs. Although it’s very nice and surprising people like what I write, I do it, basically, for me.

    So no fatigue in my case, just normal emptiness, or technical problems. Maybe you’re asking yourself too much. I don’t have 600 followers, but I understand there can be a little pressure on keeping up the level if I have that 🙂

    Please, don’t worry, enjoy your break (both of you) and see you on the other side ❤

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    1. Wow, that’s quite a bit you’ve done! But I admire that you write for you. I started out that way, too, but, as I gained followers, I guess I lost my way. Sometimes it’s hard to know if I’m writing for me or them. I know exactly why I post so much, but I sometimes question who the content is for. But thank you so much for following and reading! It really means a lot to us. And I’m definitely going to be keeping up with The Water Wedding during our break. I’m just so curious!


    1. That sounds exhausting. My blog is nowhere near as big as yours and I often wonder how you’re able to do it and nurture your love with Nandita. I do love your poetry and hope you’re not burning out just yet.

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    1. Haha, me, too! Though it helps that a lot of it was written earlier this year, but keeping up with everything is tough. I’m very much looking forward to a break and definitely think they’re a must. Thanks!

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  5. I hope you have a lovely time off, Kat!
    I can relate in the sense of ‘always posting’ but you definitely have a lot more going on than I do with two toddlers.
    Take as much rest as you can (though, it might not be a lot!), and enjoy yourself!

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  6. If blogging fatigue wasn’t a defined term, it is now. I work full time – sometimes 10 hours a day – under pressing deadlines. I also had a very stressful year and just moved. That and some other reasons caused me to take a break . When I can’t think of what to write about, I KNOW I am exhausted because because I am usually on topic overload. I took a break and allowed myself the time and luxury to enjoy my new apartment, relax after work, and let the inspiration flow back to me. It always does. Good for you for taking a break. Enjoy it and thank you for this post!

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    1. Wow, it sounds like you’re really busy and I’m amazed you have time to blog. But it’s good a break has helped you refresh. We all could probably benefit from taking breaks from one thing or another. Congratulations on your move! Sounds busy, but exciting! And thanks!


  7. Perfectly understandable. You seem to be a great multi-tasker and yes, a busy routine without sufficient breaks must be tough, especially if you’re a mom of two toddlers.
    As a regular visitor of The Lily Cafe, I’ll miss your WordPress existence very badly. Please come back as you have promised.
    So much love,

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    1. It helps that WordPress has a handy schedule button, but, of course, that only works when there is something already written. I absolutely plan on coming back. As a matter of fact, I’ll be spending those weeks writing new content and figuring out social media, so I promise I won’t be vanishing into the ether. Thank you so much for being a regular reader! It means so much to me!


  8. I totally get the blogging fatigue thing. I’m currently suffering from writer’s block which is a form of the same illness. How you have ever managed with a husband, demanding cat and two toddlers is beyond me but hats off to you anyway. I really hope you enjoy your well-deserved break 🙂

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