Chasing Vegas by Tad Vezner

Title: Chasing Vegas

Author: Tad Vezner

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication date: January 24, 2012

Genre: Sci-fi

Summary: Chasing Vegas is the story of Ricky Vegas, who was released from prison and began to dodge the authorities and his parole officer. Instead, he runs to Horizon Station, presumably to escape to the stars.

I wish I could give you more of what this book is about, but, unfortunately, it found it’s way into the abandoned folder. It had an interesting premise. The summary mentions a race called the Originals and Vegas starts killing them. However, I couldn’t read past 34%, so I can’t actually say whether or not it was interesting.

What I can say is the whole story felt like a mushed blob. What does that mean? Well, for one, the setting was very poorly developed. I had a feeling this was sci-fi, but not completely sure until it started talking about traveling to the stars. The Horizon Station isn’t well described, and neither is the city built around it. The characters lack differentiation. Other than names changing as anew chapter started, and so, too, the POV, it was difficult to keep track of whose story was being told. This was mostly because every character had the same speech style and the prose didn’t change, either. At least Vezner was consistent, but to a point where all the characters sounded the same.

Except one. The crazy lady Vegas meets. She is different. She is interesting. She definitely stood out. Unfortunately, not enough for me to stick with the story.

Bottom line: I can’t really say much since I didn’t finish it, but I suppose it could be more interesting later on. A sci-fi story with an interesting premise that was poorly carried off.


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