Book Blog Tour: Adventus by Andrew Mowere

The Lily Cafe is thrilled to be a part of the blog tour for Andrew Mowere’s debut novel Adventus!

For months now, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of following a delightful blog run by three writers called the Association of Merry Makers. For months, I enjoyed teasing excerpts of an intriguing novel called Adventus. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this book to come out September 1st. I’m incredibly honored to be a part of the book blog tour for this wonderful novelist and his debut dark fantasy novel.


What is this book about?

How far could governments go to shirk humanity?

A hundred years after Yuuto’s great-grandfather discovered the elven portal in Yotaku, it has opened in earnest. Moreover, another portal has opened in each of Jerr and Veld, respectively spewing orcs and dwarves into the realm. With millions of refugees simultaneously fleeing the destruction of their worlds, humanity’s leaders decide to hide the truth and send a joint mission of each race to slay an ifrit in Veld.

Yuuto Aimaru, the Observer, is chosen to represent Yotaku. This is the purpose for which he has been cruelly bred, a game of intrigue and trickery. Each country cares only to further its designs, and Yuuto is a spy well versed in deceit.

Would Yuuto do anything for his emperor and country?


Every shadow on his way to the inn seemed threatening to Yuuto, causing him to hurry in his steps so as to reach his destination safely. By then, the sun had almost set and Lily waited for him at a table.

“When you were gone,” she told him, “We met the captain of a ship. We decided to wait until everyone agreed, and Wester wanted to wait two days to buy some things, but we could be gone as soon as he’s finished.”

“Yes,” replied Yuuto absentmindedly, pulling a chair for himself, “quite alright.”

He ordered some tea for himself while Lily wolfed down a slab of meat. When the tea arrived, he still hadn’t said another word, and the translator looked at him.

“What’s wrong?” She asked after swallowing.

“Do…” he began, “Do you ever wonder what we’re doing here?”

“Following orders,” she replied, to a laugh from the magician. How right she was.

“I hope our orders make our wo- no. Just our countries. At the very least.”


“I hope our orders make our countries safer.”

“You know how it is with leaders. So much intel…”

“And we remain unintelligent,” he finished. It was a popular saying among soldiers. “You said you’ve never been in a true battle. Practically froze during the last ambush.”

The priest shook her head, “Just brawls. I don’t know if I’ll ever be useful in a real fight.”

“You must have served in a rough city.”

“Sure I did. Digger: All thugs and no order. Friendly enough, but their idea of friendly is a knee in the face and a beer. Being a priest of Fep there, you learn to listen to orders. You can’t always tell what’s right. Your boss does.”

Yuuto smiled earnestly, “Ah, and when climbing up the ladder…”

Lily touched her nose whilst striking the table with her palm, drawing curious stares. Yuuto wondered how many beers she’d had. “You’ve got it. Whoever’s above you sees a little more, and whoever orders them a bit more. At the top, someone has the big picture in full. They see the whole, goddamn view. They’re the one you trust.”

Yuuto thought about this for a second. Of course he’d follow orders, even misguided ones. He’d hesitated because Ur might be useful beyond what the emperor knew. However, that was where Yuuto had made a mistake. Nobody knew better than the emperor.

Don’t you just want to read it now? 
I sure do. I’m a sucker for dark fantasy and have been soundly reassured it is indeed quite dark. If dark fantasy is something you enjoy, do pick up a copy of this book on or before September 1st! Or even if it isn’t your cup of tea. Readers can be an adventurous sort. Best part of reading, right?
How much is the book?

Preorder price: 2.99$

Normal Price: 4.99$

The Association of Merry Makers’ Mailing List (They use this to send a link to the preorder 10 days before it’s announced, with a 85% discount, so hurry up and sign up):

About Andrew Mowere

After attempting to write two novels without editing them, Andrew Mowere has decided to completely reboot his writing and considers Adventus to be his true debut. His favorite author is Patrick Rothfuss.

Andrew’s Twitter:

Book Link:

For more, Andrew has been posting more teasing excerpts on their blog. Don’t forget to get your copy! I know I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of mine.

Thank you, Andrew, for letting me be a part of your blog tour!

3 thoughts on “Book Blog Tour: Adventus by Andrew Mowere

  1. This is fantastic, thank you so much! It’s amaxing how much of a difference there is when the blogger already knows about thw book and seems to like it :0 (Andrew)

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