Life Between the Pages: The Reviews Just Won’t Stop Stacking Up

I’ve been a huge reader all my life. In high school, if people didn’t know me as the girl who played the harp, they knew me as the girl who always carried the thick books. I went everywhere with a book. I still do; there’s one book that still hangs out in my car (it’s been about 10 years).

I read to my kids every single day. It’s never more than an hour total, but, over time, I do get through books at a good pace. It’s not quite the book a week it used to be, and it’s certainly nowhere near the pace many prolific book bloggers read at, but it’s my pace as a mom of two young children. But because I read to them every day, I always have to have a book on hand so I can jump right to it when the current one is done.

About a year and a half ago, I decided to start writing reviews. I was reading a lot of self-published books, so thought I’d do what I could to support them. Unfortunately, I never considered how much time it might take to write one. Well, writing one is easy. Writing a good and thoughtful review that’s well-balanced and honest isn’t always so easy. And it takes time to type.

Being a busy mom means it’s easy to read to my kids at naptime and bedtime, but it also means I don’t have much time to devote to writing reviews. And when I’m constantly jumping to the next book, I don’t get a lot of time to reflect and actually write.

So…the list of books waiting for a review keeps growing. I haven’t even updated the list in a while. It’s been at least two books. Maybe 3?

And, yet, I keep reading. The reviews keep stacking up. Perhaps I should go write one of them instead of continuing to ramble about my life with books.

I have got to find a way to make writing reviews easier and faster, but still provide a quality review. But, if I keep thinking, the list will just keep growing…

5 thoughts on “Life Between the Pages: The Reviews Just Won’t Stop Stacking Up

  1. It’s crazy how fast things like this stack up! Maybe have a general outline you follow for reviews? A list of five or six questions that you always answer? (Story synopsis, world building, character development…) Just a thought.

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    1. I tried a system like that, but kept finding different areas to remark on with every book that it became frustrating to keep track of everything. It made everything more organized, though, so perhaps I should return to it and see if it helps the second time around.

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