The Lily Cafe Digest, No. 2

This year, I’m doing a 6+1 blogging schedule of 6 weeks blogging followed by a one week break. Since it’s time for another Digest, it’s also time for another blogging break. Enjoy, and thank you so much for following!

A Look Back

Mother Mondays

Most of my Monday posts over the past 6 weeks have been on the serious side. Two of them seem to go against the grain, so to speak, but, to my surprise, got more of a response than I had expected. I know the norm is for moms to immediately seek out a mom tribe, but I chose to isolate myself from other moms and I think it helped me become the confident mom I am today. I was so glad to know I wasn’t alone! I’m also not the kind of parent to put a screen in front of my kids. They have free access, but devices are not allowed out of our home.

There are a few things I have going for me that helps make motherhood relatively easy. I have a background in psychology and child development, so I’ve started a new series called Parenting with Psychology and wrote about how Erikson’s developmental stages help guide me in raising my children. I have also given my kids reasons why they can’t or have to do something. It may make me exercise my tired brain more, but they’re more likely to behave and less likely to repeat bad behaviors.

But motherhood isn’t always easy. My daughter is almost 2 and still doesn’t sleep through the night. Fortunately (?), I’m often so sleep deprived that I’ve kind of gotten used to it. Those days can be tough, but there are a few things I do to help make those days easier.

Finally, for some fun, I wrote about the tongue. Having kids really made me learn a few things. I was surprised by what I learned about the tongue, but I definitely should have known it.


I believe we’re about halfway through of what I’ve actually written. Yup, that means this is an unfinished story. I know exactly how it ends. I just have to actually write it.

Raven’s life has been shaken up recently with the lose of someone very dear to her. There are also uncertain times brewing and all the Thief Lords need to be on guard. Oh, and a daughter will never look at her father the same way again.

Chapter 7|Chapter 8|Chapter 9|Chapter 10|Chapter 11|Chapter 12

Free For All Fridays

I think I’ve been plodding along quite nicely in my ratio baking journey. I’ve really enjoyed not having to use as much brain power to bake. Ratio baking is easier on my brain, and much easier to do than using a recipe with kids around.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading lately. I may have posted only 3 reviews, all 3 books courtesy of NetGalley, but I’ve read much more than that. I’m a big fan of self-published books, but am always sad when I pick up a very promising story only to find the book was poorly edited. I read for those gems, but my heart aches when it’s not executed well.

More generally related to lifestyle, I finally got around to talking about the KonMari method and how it fits into my family’s life. Well, actually, how it doesn’t fit. I grew up with a dad who collects furniture, so I found her method appealing, but completely impractical with my family.

Book reviews: The Psychology of Zelda|The Emerald Queen|The Perfect Assassin

Looking Forward

Mother Mondays

There are many things rattling around in my head. I’m really trying to focus on the way I parent and am achingly aware of how it seems to differ from the vast majority of how other moms do it. But it’s what I do, what works for my family, and I’m happy. There are times I’d like to fit in more with mom bloggers, but I’ve never been one to follow the crowd. I’ll have another installment of Parenting with Psychology as well as how I’ve become a put-together mom. I don’t expect any of my planned posts to be popular since I tend to diverge from what so many moms actually do, but it’s what this mom does and maybe there are others.


Not much to say here. I won’t spoil anything. But, as Jennifer Zeiger commented, the fall out should be interesting. I definitely had a few arguments with some of my characters, and I think they’re much more stubborn than I am, and I’m a Taurus (I don’t actually follow astrology, but people like to note my stubbornness must come from being a Taurus)!

Free For All Fridays

I’ll of course be continuing my adventures in ratio baking and my life between the pages, though this time I’ll be focusing on what I think about cover art. And you can definitely count on more book reviews. They’re still stacking up.

Other News

I’m planning on making a few changes to the blog and it’ll probably touch on everything. I’ve already changed the logo and tagline to better reflect what I’ll be focusing on from here on out, or at least until I change my mind again. I’m notoriously indecisive. For now, I’m taking a more…magical approach and adding a few new items.

Favorite Posts from Around the Blogging Community

Mostly because I feel self-centered about writing a whole post about my own blog, but also because there are so many lovely blogs I enjoy and want to share them with you. Here are some of my favorite posts from the last 6 weeks. I do hope you check them out and give them a follow.

How to Overthrow “The Man,” According to YA Lit by The Cozied Reader: I can’t tell you how much I loved this! It’s exactly why I don’t enjoy reading YA books. She has also written similar How to Guides and I tend to think they’re very accurate. So, whether or not you enjoy reading, take a look around her site and give her a follow.

Imparting Emotions (Magicooking!) by Andrew Mowere of The Association of Merry Makers: One of three writers who run the blog, he wrote Adventus and is currently writing another book in the same world. I’m quite interested in this one as it involves food and cooking and I enjoy a good cookbook, especially a magical one. Too bad it can’t cook for me. I especially enjoyed this snippet he posted and most sincerely wish the eggs he wrote about were real.

So You Wanna Help a Mother, Do Ya? by I Didn’t Want to Be a Mother: Being a mom is tough. No mom will ever say it isn’t in some way hard, even me. Especially here in the States, we lack support. This mom gives an all too realistic look into what motherhood is like, and lets you know exactly how you can actually help a mom out. So, whether you’re a mom or know a mom, read this!

Cut the Cord by Better Than Fine: Written by a mom and Kindergarten teacher, this post really struck a chord in my heart, especially since my oldest is rapidly approaching his Kindergarten start date. She writes about the effect technology has on the kids she teaches and, frankly, it scares me. I’ve definitely cut back on suggesting my son’s tablet when he complains he has nothing to do.

Just the Way You Are by Brooke Cutler: Quite possibly one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever encountered, Brooke isn’t just a lovely mom, but also an all-around beautiful person. Her outlook on life is infectious and I can’t help but see the beauty and magic all around us. Her posts always touch my heart and make me smile and see a little more of the sparkle that life exudes.

The Voice on the Other End of the Phone by The Glorious Train Wreck Mom: This mom does something I could never, ever do. She works in customer service. You know, the people others like to belittle and scream at whenever something goes wrong. You know you do it, and she’s here to say cut it out. Just because they’re in customer service doesn’t mean they can solve all of your problems, doesn’t mean they have all the answers, doesn’t mean they have the answers you expect, and doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your utmost respect. After reading what she deals with, I definitely think customer service representatives should be saints. So, be kind.

“That Mom” vs “Bat Mom” by Early Childhood with Ms. Jane: This is one of the newest blogs I’m following and I can’t wait to read more from her. She’s been in early childhood education for years and is a fountain of wisdom. And guess what? In her eyes, if you’re really paying attention to your kids and don’t want to be that mom who goes talking to the teachers and principal, you’re already a superhero. So just do it.

Thank you so much for reading!

With much appreciation, kat

16 thoughts on “The Lily Cafe Digest, No. 2

  1. Aww, Kat. You’re SO lovely! Thank you for saying those beautiful things. 💕 You know I feel the same way about you. Soul sisters through and through. xxx Ps: I am SUCH a typical Pisces that I almost have to take astrology seriously, just because of that. Lol. If people don’t know who I am, one look at the Pisces overview tells them the whole lot. 😂 ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, Brooke, I couldn’t have been happier to! I think I don’t like astrology because I really am a stubborn little Taurus, but I still think it’s a lot of fun.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for writing such an insightful post! I think everyone would benefit from reading it, and it’s definitely changed how I approach technology with my kids.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I think the variety is due to my insane indecisiveness! I can never settle on what to write. Take Raven. I’ve been going back and forth for years about whether I’m ready to write the ending because it can either close out the story or open it up for more. But thank you! I’m currently seriously considering it.


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