Should I…Bookstagram?

Over the past year, I’ve seriously been struggling with social media. It’s been a combination of I don’t enjoy it and I don’t have time with a healthy dose of feeling eh about it all thrown in.

Except this thing called Bookstagram keeps whispering in my head.

Honestly, a year ago, I had no idea what it was because I was brand new to Instagram. But, over on WordPress, I was following a lot of readers and book bloggers and that word kept popping up. Bookstagram.

A year ago, I was also going through a really bad book slump, so I just filed it away and did nothing but try to figure out what to do with these social media accounts I’d created for my blog.

Signing up for NetGalley on a whim while my son was at playschool and my daughter was napping really got me out of my slump and I’ve gone barely a day without reading. My bookish life is going full steam ahead! Have you noticed I post a bit more about books these days?

Reading has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve always described myself as a reader. I read so much I’m books behind on reviews.


I can’t get that whisper to shut up.

Since I started up this blog again last January, I’ve been adamant about not being a mom blogger. I’m a mom who blogs, but writing about motherhood is only one small part, so I hate calling this a mom blog. Despite the fact that a healthy number of my followers are moms.

But I won’t be a book blogger, either. I can’t just write about books. I could fill my schedule with bookish posts, but I’ll tire of that quickly.

That’s why I call The Lily Cafe a lifestyle blog.

But social media became a big problem. Simply trying to post about my reading-writing-baking-momming-eclectic life wasn’t working. And I was having zero fun.


I don’t know if this post even makes sense. But I’m going to give Bookstagram a shot, though I definitely won’t be posting over there every day. The blog will remain the same. Eventually I might figure out Twitter, but it’ll be awhile.

17 thoughts on “Should I…Bookstagram?

  1. Although I don’t know the first thing about Instagram, your post makes a lot of sense to me.
    The majority of female bloggers myself included are moms but their blogs aren’t mommy blogs. We are all moms who blog.

    Like you I find it difficult to restrict myself to one topic. I just can’t confine myself to a specific niche. Hence I call my blog a lifestyle blog too.

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    1. I’m constantly in awe of those who can continuously write on the same topic, but I’m also very glad there’s such a thing as a lifestyle blog. They say variety is the spice of life, after all. I love moms who blog because it’s a lovely reminder that moms can be more than just a mom.


    1. Thank you! Your words remind me of Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole (in the Disney version, at least). Though she did find a remarkable world, so I hope I do, too.

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  2. I’ve just started reading again too but I have no idea what you mean by bookstagram! I feel lost and old again. Hahaha! I write about motherhood but also books, photography, faith, life in my weird, rural area. Later today I’m posting about motherhood, but that’s the first one in a bit that has specifically tackled motherhood. I think I’m defending myself too much! Hahaha!

    My brother blogs about books and posts photos of what he’s reading on Instagram. Maybe he’s a bookstagramer…..

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    1. Honestly, I’m not completely sure of what it is, either. As far as I can tell, it looks like people posting about books and reviewing them on Instagram. Though I understand it’s a whole community, so it might be more complicated than I think.

      I love blogs with variety. There’s something for everyone and I think it helps to keep the creative juices flowing, because there’s always something to write about.

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      1. Agreed. I would have to say my blog is more of a lifestyle blog, but without the trendy tips that some lifestyle blogs offer. Ha! I rarely offer tips because my only tip is to never offer tips. 😉

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  3. Ha ha ha. 😂☺️ Kat, you are ADORABLE. I will throw my two cents into the pot and say that the universe is driving you on this one. If the whisper is saying Bookstagram, then Bookstagram it shall be, hey?! So funny. I’ve never heard of Bookstagram before. Maybe I’m meant to look into it too. Maybe all your readers are! 😀xxx

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    1. Fate has been very heavy handed in my life for years, so I’m still trusting her to guide me, even in something as trivial as social media. I’m not completely sure of what bookstagramming entails, but, for a reader, it’s massively appealing.

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  4. Yes I can relate..we are Moms who blog. Haha. With Bookstagram, never heard about it but reading your post…I feel like that’s what I’m doing but I didn’t even plan it. I started 2 months ago and slowly I’m narrowing my focus. I think it takes time and it’s important that we don’t get lost out of track..

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