Just Another Bloggy Shift

Anyone who’s been following this blog for at least a year or more might have noticed change is kind of normal around here.

I started off last year with 5 posts a week about motherhood, books, my creative writing, recipes, and odds and ends. I tried to find my niche, but wasn’t satisfied with boxes, so I jumped into the enormous box that is lifestyle blogging. But even that doesn’t feel right.

Then my mid-year break hit and then my family was hit by two deaths and then we had to move by the beginning of December. Keeping up here was hard, so I started posting 3 times a week. I started doing more bookish posts and basically ended posting recipes. I’m bad at meal planning, anyways, and I lack an adventurous family.

This year started with much the same, but with a 6+1 schedule. A few months in and I’m back to 5 posts a week with weekly questions because I’m a Kat and I’m curious; some personal stories, experiences, and memories; adventures in ratio baking; and the ever present motherhood, creative writing, and bookish posts. It’s been a few weeks, and I’m happy. For now.

I admire the bloggers who can consistently post in a niche, who can thrive and be happy with it. I sometimes wish I could do that. But I’m an ever-changing person, and this blog is an extension of me, so it will always reflect that. As a person, I go through phases. I have the same interests, but my interest in them waxes and wanes. Last year, I was all about being a mom. I couldn’t talk about motherhood more. I had to contain myself so this wouldn’t become a mom blog.

Right now, I’m all about being a reader. I can’t stop thinking about books. There are so many bookish posts rattling around my head. I’ll have to try hard to contain myself so this doesn’t become a book blog.

This is all to say I am a person who goes through phases and my blog will always reflect that. Right now I am very bookish. There will be more bookish posts and more book reviews, but I’ll still post about being a mom, my adventures in ratio baking, my creative writing, and some personal essays. Just don’t be surprised if the bulk of my posts take a bookish turn.

Haha…bloggy…dear Brooke, you’re definitely rubbing off on me!

19 thoughts on “Just Another Bloggy Shift

  1. My blog underwent a number of changes, just as my life did. I don’t feel that there are any rules for blogging. Especially that it should be enjoyable. 😊

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  2. I love seeing the ebb and flow of a real person behind a blog! Niche is great, for when you need expert info or something, but I LOVE being able to feel connected and like I get a peek behind the curtain of what’s going on in your world 😉

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    1. Thanks! I agree. I like following niche blogs, but I think I have too many interests to do it and I like being a person behind the blog rather than an idea generating blog post after blog post. Besides, what I love about blogging is getting to know all the people.

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  3. Yeah… my main blog is all over the place like that. I started this one in order to niche, and feel frustrated that it’s not as successful. I suspect it’s because most ‘mom blogs’ are all about marketing products these days.

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    1. In theory, having a mom blog should be drawing in tons of followers considering how popular they are, to create at least. But it’s absolutely true that they all devolve into selling things. I suppose it’s more than having a niche; it’s also doing what everyone else in the niche does.

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      1. I write, basically, to myself. I write what I desperately wanted to know and hear when I felt lonely just starting at as a young mom.

        …I assumed others would, too. I guess I just need more patience.

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  4. I had a moment where I felt I needed to fit into some niche like traveling or what not and then I remembered why I started the blog. In my case to share with my family and friends all my experiences in a new country. Sticking true to self is important in blogging! You’re doing a great job!

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    1. You’re right; it is so important. Every blogger has their own voice and their own life and, honestly, sometimes I have to take a break from reading niche bloggers because it all starts to sound the same. Blogs like yours with a bit of everything are so fascinating and I love them so much.

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      1. I used to get so caught up reading them all and feeling somehow inadequate but I had to remember my end goal was not to do ads for companies constantly and to make money…it’s just a creative space for me! I like the blogs with a little bit of everything too! I rarely follow the niche ones anymore! Your blog is great! I love reading it!

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  5. I feel you, It seems I am constantly making changes to my own blog. I’ve discovered that I love blogging more when I keep from “boxing” myself in so that other people know how to classify me. Great post!!

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    1. Change is good. And it’s a lot of fun. It’s a great way to explore and express our interests. I like to think it helps us figure out what’s really important to us.


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