Two Peas in a Pod

My siblings and I were three peas in a pod, at least until I got older and wanted my own time away from them. That was closer to my pre-teen years.

My kids are two peas in a pod. They’re a couple of months short of being three years apart, but that doesn’t stop them from having a ton of fun together. They like yelling at each other. They like getting frustrated with each other. They like fighting over toys. But, most of all, they like playing with each other. They also really like tattling on each other.

These kids feed off of each other. One of them will initiate and the other will follow along. They don’t always get along, but it’s usually whoever is loudest and most vocal gets their way. They’re always calling for the other to join them and get sad when their other half is unavailable. My daughter loves being near her brother. My son loves having someone to lord over and take care of. Seriously, he’s always thinking of her and almost always wants to share, even when I ask him not to.

When my son started preschool, my daughter had such a hard time adjusting that she spent about two months wanting to do nothing but lie on the floor and wait until I said it was time to pick him up. She would be interested in whatever activity I offered for a few minutes, and then she was back to lying on the floor and waiting. She’s so used to him that it’s sometimes tough on her to be without him.

My son doesn’t get much time without his sister. He loves whatever time he gets away from her, but he also loves having a ready-made playmate. Whenever I’m too busy to play, he knows he can always count on his sister. He just has to call her name and mention some fun toys and she goes running. I think he loves being a big brother.

My siblings and I had a point where I grew apart from them. I know there’s a chance of that happening with my babies. But my younger siblings never really grew apart from each other, and they’re about three years apart, so I’m hoping they’ll always be there for each other, they’ll always want to be around each other, and they’ll always be able to count on each other.

My two peas in a pod. I hope they never leave their pod. Though I do hope they both leave home one day.

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7 thoughts on “Two Peas in a Pod

  1. What a beautiful little snippet of their relationship. I believe their bond is strong. Sure it will grow, change, but won’t die. I have reason to be favorably bias. My brother and I are a year apart; I am the older one. When we were kids I was very much like your son. Over the years we have always looked out for each other and protective of one another. Although life happened and we found ourselves on a different path in life, my brother and I have been there for each other. We live close to one another. When we get together once a week or two weeks, we always find ourselves telling one another I miss you and end up laughing, having talks, and spending hours together with each of our families we’ve created. I am very blessed that both of our families love each other so much and enjoy each other’s company. So, I have faith that the relationship between your son and daughter will flourish. Well wishes and virtual hugs. 💛

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    1. This is delightful to know! I’m so anxious for my kids to stay close as they get older. My husband and I both have more than 1 sibling, so we always have another sibling, but our kids will only have each other. I know sibling relationships can turn bad, so reading your experience is heartening. There’s nothing quite like a sibling relationship. They’re so special.

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    1. Thanks; me, too! Siblings are wonderful, but I’ll always wonder what it’s like to be an only child. I was one for about 17 months and remember none of it.

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