Book Review: Thousand Sunny Queen by Mike Aaron

Book Review: Thousand Sunny Queen by Mike Aaron

Title: Thousand Sunny Queen

Author: Mike Aaron

Publisher: self-published

Publication date: June 20, 2019

Genre: Fiction, Adventure, Humor

Summary: Jennifer King wants to be a pirate. Trained by the reclusive Kingston Clink, she spends her childhood learning all the skills she’ll need to protect herself and realize her dream. At 17, she sets out from the little Caribbean island she grew up on and heads for Africa, meeting an assortment of people who teach her something about herself and offer friendship and other questionable relationships. Through it all, Jennifer just wants to be a pirate.

Jennifer is off her rocker crazy. But I think that’s why I loved her. She’s clearly nuts, but delights in it. Not the brightest bulb, either, but she always manages to pull through whatever life throws at her, and it throws her some pretty crazy stuff.

Jennifer also makes me want to give her a big hug. The first few chapters detailing her upbringing broke my heart. Life wasn’t easy for her, but I’m so glad Clink turned out to be a “good” guy. I say “good” because he’s clearly a criminal, but he really, truly cares about Jennifer and does his best to protect her from a distance.

Outside of Jennifer herself, what I loved about this book was how full of adventure and action it was. There was always something happening to her. It was like trouble could always count on her to make things interesting, so it went after her. And Jennifer always rose to the occasion. What was tough about it, though, was that she got to know people and then they would send her on her merry way. All she wanted was a friend and to create a crew, but almost everyone she met befriended her and then said no (my broken heart…). But I did like that we never got too comfortable with anyone. Once it felt like Jennifer had spent enough time with someone, she moved on. The story kept going. The pace was quick, but allowed a few breaths here and there.

What was a little harder to get past was the writing. While it’s better than that found in the author’s first novel, Cuteness Overlord, it’s still a bit rough. I like that there wasn’t much padding, but sometimes it also felt like the story was a little stripped down.

Overall, I was quite satisfied with this book. It was a great story of a young woman pursuing her dreams no matter what. If I have one complaint, it’s that it involves a great deal of criminal activity. Of course, it is centered on a girl seeking to become a pirate. Perhaps the character of Jennifer as a strong, crazy young lady who will do anything to pursue her dreams would be better suited for a fantasy novel. But I also appreciate that it’s set in the real world because it does take all kinds, and we do meet all kinds in this book, to make the world go ’round. Jennifer may be nuts, but, seriously, it’s a girl chasing her dreams and showing she has the muscle and backbone to pursue it.

How many cups of tea will you need?

4 cups for sure.

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Thank you so much to the author, Mike Aaron, for an advance copy. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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