The Mom I Admire

The mom I admire is a bit harried, a little scattered, and definitely missing a marble or three.

She constantly wonders how she’s stacking up against every other mom, especially the one without a hair out of place.

She spends all day begging her kids to eat, clean up after themselves, and stop screaming. And half the night tearfully pleading her baby to go to sleep.

She has permanent stains on her clothes from the time her oldest refused peas as a baby and the time she skidded on the dirt and grass to save her child from getting hurt and the time her sick kid puked all over her before falling asleep on her lap and the time…

She sneaks in chocolate or wine throughout the day just to maintain her sanity, and help her forget the cold coffee still sitting on the counter.

She never feels like she can remember anything, much less try to pull her family together so they look less like a zoo.

She pleads, begs, bribs, and cries, only to be met with laughs, screams, running kids, and hide and seek.

But she’s also the mom who lovingly kisses her kids no matter how naughty they were.

She’ll curl up on the couch for a snuggle and forget the laundry in the corner.

She plans activities her kids rave about to their friends and finds the cutest accessories for her daughter and the coolest shoes for her son.

Things don’t always go the way she planned, but they sure make for great memories.

She sweats the small stuff and stresses the big stuff, but always manages to pull herself together just to keep everyone alive.

Dinner isn’t always homemade, but at least everyone gets fed.

She’s always there for hugs, kisses, and unwanted advice. Her heart is always in the right place.

Sometimes she screams and yells and feels like a bad mom, but her kids still hug her and say she’s the best ever.

She’s patient and testy, silly and stern, but she’s perfect for the little humans she’s trying to raise.

Most of all, she remembers her kids will one day say thank you and I get it now when they have little humans of their own and it’s her turn to slip a piece of chocolate in her sugared up grandchild’s hand.

The mom I admire?

She’s you.

The mom trying to do everything and be everything and only half succeeding. Or maybe the mom who can do everything. Or the mom who can’t. But always the mom who loves her kids with her whole heart.

You are worthy of being admired.

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37 thoughts on “The Mom I Admire

  1. I love this. I am hoping *some* of this describes me. Somedays are just as I had always imagined as a mom, and others I feel like I am failing my girls and being a nag. Ugh…the days are long but the years are short.

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    1. I think we’ve all been there. Parenthood is really hard. I read an article recently that said daughters who were jagged more by mom tended to be more successful. I haven’t had a chance to find and read the actual study, so I don’t know how accurate that is, but as a fellow mom of a daughter I like to think it’s true.

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  2. Aww, Kat. Absolutely beautiful. xxx And your absolutely right. If there is not *right* way to be a human (because we’re all so different and have our own paths) there’s absolutely no *right* way to be a Mum. Thank you for the lovely reminder. ❤️💞💕

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    1. Exactly! All we can do is raise out little humans to the best of our abilities and hope the love we give them is enough to sustain them. No matter how we choose to raise them or how much we think we’re failing, it’s always our babies who let us know for sure.

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  3. Beautiful! Motherhood isn’t glamorous a lot of times, and sometimes I feel like I’m not measuring up. Like, I’m not adjusting well to this motherhood gig. But talking to Mommy friends and reading articles like this, sharing the same sentiments and real, raw stories validates me.

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    1. Motherhood isn’t an easy thing for women to settle into and, when you consider that all kids are both alike and very different, it makes for the sudden feeling of running around like a chicken with its head cut off. But I believe that as long as we love our kids, we’re doing just fine.


    1. Haha, I’m just as likely to be put together as a scattered basket case on any given day, which is why I admire the moms who just don’t bother their busy heads with anything but trying to stay alive.

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