Queen of the Garden of Girls, part 11

(Chapter Five continued)

A sudden banging at the door made them jump.

“Who could that be?” Poppy asked as James went to answer the door.

“A jealous girl?” Lily ventured, shrugging. “No one was happy when only Elaina was chosen. You should have seen the murderous looks!”

Loud, and rapid, footsteps thudded towards them. James could be heard demanding the person turn around and leave his home. His voice was angry, and Poppy had a sinking feeling that she knew who had just invaded their home.

Bradley’s angry face appeared, James standing behind the slightly taller man, threatening to call the police. But Bradley was focused on Lily and Camille, who had clasped hands in solidarity as they now coolly met Bradley’s furious gaze.

“How could you let her become Robert’s companion? Don’t deny it. She wouldn’t have gone to that party if you two hadn’t coerced her.”

Lily lifted a brow. “Coerced? I think you have that backwards. We invited her. You spent two years coercing her. She’s through with you.”

Bradley laughed. “Don’t be so sure, Lily. Elaina will be mine. She was always meant to be.”

“Why?” Camille asked softly. “Why do you want her so much?”

“That’s none of your business,” he said coldly. “What you need to do now is get her out of Roderick Hall.”

It was Lily’s turn to laugh. She leaned back in her seat and primly crossed her legs at the knee, shooting a bemused look at him. “I don’t think so, Brad. I think Elaina is happy. She wouldn’t have agreed to stay if she wasn’t. The best part is, it puts her out of your clutches.”

“Oh, don’t worry. If you two fail, I have no problem going to Roderick Hall and demanding she leave with me.”

“One,” Lily said, holding up  finger, “we’re not helping you. Two, the Roderick security team won’t let you through.”

Camille eyed him. “I don’t know why you’re so intent on getting her back. Elaina won’t take you back. She just broke up with you. I wouldn’t be surprised if she files a restraining order as soon as she returns.”

Lily grinned. “Back down, Brad. Camille’s got you there.”

Instead of responding, he glared at them before whirling on his heel and storming past James, who followed to ensure he left.

“I don’t understand why he wants Elaina back,” Poppy said, her hand shaking as she reached for her mug of coffee.

“Let me make you some tea,” Camille quickly said. “You’re jittery enough. I don’t think you need any more caffeine.”

Poppy smiled up at her gratefully, pulling back her hand. “Thank you, Camille. I have some green tea in the cabinet next to the sink.”

Camille nodded and headed for the kitchen as James returned and sat down.

“Brad is a spoiled brat,” Lily said, answering Poppy’s question. “He’s always gotten what he’s wanted. No one has ever said no to him. At least, not until Elaina did when she broke up with him. I’m sure he wants her back because it wasn’t him who dumped her.”

“He wants her back just to dump her?” James asked.

Lily shrugged. “I don’t know for sure. Either that or she was the only one he and his mom could really manipulate. If it weren’t for me and Camille, you would probably be picking out wedding dresses with her.”

James and Poppy traded looks.

“Then we’ll be glad Elaina is with Robert,” Poppy said softly.

Lily nodded. “Camille and I will keep our ears perked. Who knows what Brad will say? If he plans anything, we’ll just have to find a way to let Elaina know.”

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