Balancing Blogging and Living, Part 2

Life has a funny way of handing me lemons, sometimes asked for and sometimes not even close, and telling me to make lemonade. She’s determined to show me she knows what’s best for me, so who am I to argue? Apparently, it wasn’t enough for me to bow my head and say, yes, I understand why I must find a new balance. The day after I posted about finding a new balance between blogging and living, I ended up with a relatively minor infection, a very routine one in general, but one I hadn’t had for about 30 years. Between the discomfort of it and the antibiotics, I felt like 40 weeks of pregnancy had been crammed into 5. That is, the nausea, frequent urination, joint aches, and overall fatigue really sapped me. I’m only now getting back into my routine, and I’m eternally grateful for how patient my kids have been as I’ve been more often lying on the couch than not for almost a week.

I had planned on sharing some of my favorite bloggers today, but, well, couldn’t find the strength to even open my computer. I’ve read blogs haphazardly, liked and commented on none, and haven’t even started to reply to the comments I received a week ago. As much as I wanted to share some wonderful blogs I adore and to get to work on my next Digest (as next week is a blessed break week), it’s just not going to happen.

Life has handed me more living to do. Clearly she thinks I need a break from blogging. Or maybe she’s telling me my head is so stuffed with the things I want to do that maybe I should take a good look at what’s currently on my plate and what I have right in front of me. Like the 7 or so NetGalley books I have waiting, and the fact that I’ve already decided to reopen to book review requests in January.

So, no list of favorite blogs today. Instead, I hope to do so after my break, for the three weeks I’ll be blogging before I take 2-3 weeks off for the winter holidays. I still have a Digest planned, but it likely won’t post until sometime next week.

And I’d like to mention that I’m so glad I decided to do NaNo my own way this year because I haven’t written a word for about a week and I don’t want to have to deal with the mental anguish of falling that far behind.

I guess Life really knows what she’s doing.

Head on over here for more about my life outside the blog.

6 thoughts on “Balancing Blogging and Living, Part 2

  1. I’m not really doing the NaNo (whatever the other initials are) like I’m supposed to. I’m a rebel. Doing it at my own pace, but I was also really far ahead on the one novel so I might still be able to hit the deadline. And blogging is never more important than getting better and dealing with life in general. The balance can be a challenge!


    1. Yes, it really can be! I hate that NaNo is during this time of the year, but it is fun to be inspired by it. Just because winning can come with some neat prizes doesn’t mean it’s worth it to become a basket case. Best of luck finishing your novel! I’m really looking forward to reading more of Blanche’s story.


  2. Kat – I’m so happy to read that you’re taking care of “You”. You can handle the rest once you’re up to par. You probably know (as I do) . . . “the rest” ain’t goin’ anywhere. Feel better soon.:)


    1. Thank you so much! It’s been hard to not be as involved with blogging, but the body needs what the body needs. Though I am glad to be well again and to be able to start to catch up.


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