The Bloggers I Love: Writers and Book Reviewers Edition

The Bloggers I Love: Writers and Book Reviewers Edition

Last week I shared the blogs of four amazing ladies I absolutely adore for their authenticity. This week I’m returning to my roots as a lifelong reader and writer with some readers and writers I enjoy.

Writers and Authors

Jennifer M. Zeiger – I adore this lady. She writes choose your own adventure stories and encourages her readers to participate. Her stories are fun and entertaining and I’m always looking forward to the next one. She’s a lovely fantasy author who is so wonderful at providing constructive feedback, and I love her insight into writing! Her most recently published book is The Adventure, which has three fun choose your own adventures perfect for children and adults.

Fairy Tale Feminista – Author of A Smuggler’s Path, she doesn’t post often, but always provides interesting takes on writing, being an author, and, of course, fairy tales. As someone who loves fairy tales, I love reading what she has to say, and it always makes my creative mind spin out of control. Do check out her fantasy novel. I adore how Spanish inspired it is!

By Autumn Rain – Mom and author, she has a different perspective on both, one I find myself nodding along to. Her thoughts as a mother, reader, and writer really resonate with me, and I just love how she puts things so neatly and concisely. So, if you don’t have much time to read blogs, do take a look at hers. Her brevity is refreshing! Also take a look at her novel Eternal Rain. I am right now!

Bits and Dragons – I feel like I’ve been reading his bits and dragons for years rather than the not quite two years I have been. The bits are highly technical and fly right over my head. The dragons are wildly imaginative stories. I can’t help but admire what his brain is able to do, and it’s always fun to read whether I understand it or not. Humor is definitely not something one would say is missing!

Nopoodles – A fantastic writer of LGBT stories who I absolutely adore. Even though many of the relationships fall under LGBT, the feelings are so universal and so perfectly captured. So if you’re looking for flash fiction, short stories, or an amazing LGBT writer, do hop over!

The Lonely Author – I’m not a big fan of poetry. I understand it far less than books, but I adore the Lonely Author’s poetry. Even if I struggle to understand it, it still speaks to my heart and I know I understand the love and beauty crafted into every word. And, seriously, it’s so romantic I often swoon while reading.

K. M. Allan – I adore everything she writes. She has some great insight into writing, editing, and publishing, and I look forward to her posts every week. They definitely give me plenty of food for thought as I write and edit, and I often bookmark her posts for future reference.

Book Reviewers

Witty and Sarcastic Bookclub – I don’t know how she does it! She’s a mom and incredibly voracious reader. She has a new book review up almost every day, and has read so many interesting books across many genres. I love seeing her book reviews in my Reader.

Paul’s Picks – Paul is such an eclectic reader, and I love it! We’ve read some of the same books and I really enjoy his takes on them. I also just love reading his reviews. They’re simple and to the point. And I really admire how much reading he does!

Devouring Books – She reviews a lot of fantasy and YA. I really look forward to her adult fantasy reviews. I’m not a big fan of YA, but I still love her reviews of the genre; they sometimes convince me I should pick them up! Her reviews are fun, thorough, and so interesting.

All Things Momma Blog – This incredible lady is a recently widowed mother of one. Her journey is heartbreaking, and I can’t help but admire how she and her daughter still manage to cope and read together. They also read some really interesting books and, as a mom of little ones, I love reading about books for both adults and children.

Readingtonic – I look forward to every one of her reviews even if I’m not interesting in reading the book. Her reviews are incredible. I admire how she is able to really distill a book in such an interesting way that says a lot about it while still maintaining mystery around the story.

To check out more bloggers I adore, or to catch up on The Lily Cafe Digest, head on over here.

9 thoughts on “The Bloggers I Love: Writers and Book Reviewers Edition

  1. I’m very grateful you do enjoy my (experimental?) ride as much as I do writing it 😉
    Fortunately for me that there’s room for improvement so I hope to be mentioned by you again in the future ❤
    I want to explore more genres and maybe find out (back?) some kind of posting routine…thanks again!


    1. Oh, I adore them! They’re so much fun. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next, especially with your current work too quickly coming to an end.


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