The Bloggers I Love: Moms Edition

The Bloggers I Love: Moms Edition - some of my favorite mom bloggers

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been sharing some of the bloggers I adore. First I talked about the absolutely beautiful and authentic souls I’ve had the great honor to “meet” here. Then I shared some writers/authors and book reviewers I enjoy every chance I get. Now it’s time for me to share some of the mothers I enjoy reading. Unfortunately, this was a bit harder to do as mom bloggers have a tendency to vanish from the blogging world, so, even though I enjoy a number that have come and gone and come and gone again, I’ll just be sharing the ones who post more often.

I Didn’t Want to be a Mother – I adore this mom. She’s about to be a mom of 5, so I find the tips she shares invaluable and the stories she posts hilarious. She has all boys, so I admire her for her strength for being at home with them. But, really, her blog is a lot of fun and strikes a lot of chords that ring very true. They’re also usually very funny.

Geek Mamas – A mom of one, she writes about motherhood and geek related things. Her son is around the same age as my kids, so I enjoy what she writes about because I often find myself thinking “that’s a good idea” or “I can totally relate.” I also enjoy her more geek oriented posts even though I don’t really understand it. It’s mostly because it gives me some insight into things my husband enjoys.

Mum Life Stories – This lovely single mom shares some amazing stories. Some are from other moms and some are her own, fiction and nonfiction. I admire her for being brave enough to go it alone and build up a blog. So many of the stories she’s shared have touched me and made me think about my life in different ways.

Stay Positive it’s Autism – As the title of her blog says, she is the mother of a child with autism. I’ve worked with children with autism and know how challenging it can be for parents. Her posts really are eye opening about what it’s really like, and I just admire her spirit so much. Not only does she share her own take on motherhood, but on what it’s like to raise a child with autism. Oh, and she wrote a children’s book!

Confessions of a Parentless Mother – Now, she doesn’t post often, but I adore this lady and couldn’t leave her off this list. My heart goes out to her as she lost both of her parents before she became a mother. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for her, but she has a strong spirit, and an incredibly lucky little girl with wonderful guardian spirits.

Our Little Red House – Not a mom blog, but an incredible mom with a primarily crafting site. I love her crafts, especially since many of them are geared towards children, and she provides great tips on how to involve children with special needs into crafting sessions since she herself has a grown child with autism. In many of the comments she has left for me, she has talked about her children and how she has raised them and they always make me feel like I’m on the right track. This lady is just so warm, supportive, and incredibly crafty!

All the Days with Baby K – Another mom who doesn’t post too often, but we have children who are about the same age, so I enjoy her update posts on what her son is up to and what has and hasn’t worked for her. Reading her posts makes me feel like I’m not alone with a 2 year old.

Check out some other bloggers I love, as well as catch up on The Lily Cafe Digest, over here.

8 thoughts on “The Bloggers I Love: Moms Edition

  1. Lily, this is so sweet, thank you so much for mentioning me and the site. I was reading through this and clicked onto the site titled stay positive it’s Autism and am now following Rachel. So cool that she helps others in the Autism community.
    Then I came back to finish reading your post and noticed my site was also mentioned, so kind of you to include me.
    I have a little break in my schedule to visit sites today. I am in the process of trying to figure out how to make a baby Yoda for my grown daughter. I also have about 20 mini gingerbread houses to put together and give out, think I may have over done it. I will have to check out the other mommy sites later. Thanks again and have a wonderful week with your family.


    1. I’m always happy to mention you and your blog! You’re a lovely lady with a lovely family and I adore your crafts. Rachel is terrific and is just so honest about her journey. I love everything she writes. Sounds like you have plenty of crafts to keep you busy! Best of luck, and I’m sure your baby Yoda will be fantastic! You’re daughter is very lucky.


      1. Thank you Kat, you’re a sweetheart. Thanks for for the Rachel tip too, glad I stopped by her site. I think that is amazing what she is also doing writing books to help educate others on Autism. You all are great mommies. Have a beautiful Christmas with your babies. Oh, and Yoda needs work on the smile, his mouth is a little difficult to copy. My daughter saw my attempts the other day because I left him on the kitchen table and she said I love a happy Yoda. Poor little guy does look a little like a gremlin.


  2. Thank you, Kat! I’m on baby sabbatical, but really appreciate your support and complimentary comments throughout my blogging. 😉


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