Adventures in Ratio Baking: Biscuits It Is

Adventures in Ratio Baking: Biscuits It Is - my first few attempts making biscuits using the ratio 3:2:1 flour to liquid to fat

I love bread. When the weather started to cool off, and I was no longer able to get a good rise without having to turn on the heat or the oven, I scrambled for something else that could whet my bread thirst.


Of course. So easy. So simple. Definitely something I could literally walk into the kitchen and decide to make because the butter must be as cold as possible.

Yes! No having to wait for butter to warm up. No eggs to take out. Just flour, butter, and liquid.

The ratio is a simple 3:2:1 flour to liquid to butter (fat). The liquid can be milk, buttermilk, water. I’ve even used evaporated milk. While I was adventurous enough to try making lemon cupcakes using lemon juice as my liquid, I don’t feel quite as adventurous when it comes to biscuits. Also, something about lemon biscuits doesn’t really appeal to me. Pineapple biscuits? Nah.

Anyways, I had read the biscuits could be formed as you usually see, or be simply dropped onto a sheet pan for a lumpy, rustic look. My daughter was already getting a little antsy with me since I wasn’t taking out any chocolate chips, so I knew I was going to be going with dropping them by the spoonful onto the sheet pan.

It took a lot of going through recipes to figure out the correct way to make biscuits as I’ve never actually made them before, and the information I could find on the ratio was a little…light on the details.

My first attempt involved me leaving the butter out while I mixed the flour and about a teaspoon of baking powder together. Then I used my hand to quickly somewhat work in the butter. I tried 2 forks, but didn’t seem to be getting anywhere fast. So, I used my hands. Then I mixed in some milk. And then took a spoon and just started spooning it onto my sheet pan.

Then I decided, what the heck, why don’t I go for a sweet biscuit? I rolled each biscuit in some granulated sugar, completely forgetting the bottom was now covered in sugar and about to go into a 375 degree oven.

Did you guess what was going to happen?

Yup, the sugar burned. The bottom was mostly inedible, unless you like the taste of burnt sugar. It’s quite bitter. But I won’t judge.

However, the actual biscuit wasn’t that bad. Of course, it lacked the layers as I hadn’t rolled it out and shaped it, but it did actually taste like a biscuit.

And then my next attempt involved mixing the flour and some buttermilk together before dropping in pieces of butter. Those were also dropped by spoonfuls, but I only dusted the tops with sugar. They were much less burnt and bitter on the bottom.

I was really getting into the biscuit thing by then. A third attempt, of course, followed, in which I actually took the time to roll out the dough. I also finally managed to cut the butter into pea sized pieces and just barely worked it into the dough. Pockets of butter, after all, really give the biscuits that rich, buttery taste and those beautiful, puffy layers. But, I couldn’t find a round cookie cutter (kids, you know), so I used a glass. The layers weren’t beautifully perfect, but they looked darn good on the inside.

Adventures in Ratio Baking: Biscuits - making biscuits using a ratio instead of a recipe for making them for the very first time from scratch
My very first drop biscuits.

15 thoughts on “Adventures in Ratio Baking: Biscuits It Is

    1. I want to feel fancy. I really, really want those beautiful layers. Just once. Especially without a monkey hanging around my neck the whole time. Hence having to work with chunks of butter.


    1. It’s fun to try things once in a while, but, yeah, complicated recipes can be frustrating. Haha, I got so frustrated it made me leap into ratio baking, which somehow takes less time than following a recipe.


  1. Good heavens, Kat. You absolutely KILL me with all these nom nommmmmmms! Why can’t you be a ”round the corner friend?!’ Damn you, universe! (Brooke raises an angry fist and giggles at the drama of it all. ) 😛


    1. Haha, I wish you were around the corner, too! I’m in desperate need of people to eat the things I keep creating. It’s really the only really bad thing about the pandemic; I can’t bake for other people. Though I am trying my hardest to talk my husband into just visiting Down Under!


      1. Ha ha ha! That’s why I rarely bake- I just know I’d have no coice but to eat it all! And OH MY GOODNESS! Yes, Kat’s husband. I’m on Kat’s team! Come see Brooke-land! xx


      2. Haha, I really have to bake less. Which would be easier if my husband hadn’t told me earlier he wants me to make bread tomorrow! Well, I got him to agree to go to New Zealand, but that might be because he said they managed to beat the virus.


      3. Just tell him he can have a bit of a solo trip time with the kids, while you come and bake gluten free bread for me! 😂xx


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