Safer at Home Order Journal #5.5

Dear Daughter,

The past…more than a month of staying at home hasn’t been as bad as it could have been. You and Brother have never enjoyed going out, anyways. I’m afraid that getting the two of you out of here just to go to the market when all this is over will be impossible! Really, the two of you make this so much easier, and I’m so grateful to you.

But now we’re coming to a point where it’s getting hard. Oh, it’s not hard to stay at home. Not at all. It’s really hot outside now, so we don’t even want to go out. It’s crazy how the weather just shifted from cold and rainy straight into a heatwave. In neither weather are we inclined to go out, so I guess I’m doubly lucky.

But, my sweet princess, it’s still hard because your third birthday is right around the corner. You’re the first of all the little kids in the family to have a birthday during this time. Under normal circumstances, we would have been celebrating at Disneyland this weekend. Under somewhat different circumstances, we might have even been going over to Nana and Papa’s to celebrate with family. But now we can do neither.

You’re so young and it just hurts my heart so much we can’t have a proper celebration. You probably won’t remember it, anyways, but I will. You’ll only be this little, this young, this excitable once. We had so many fun plans just a few months ago, and now we’re trying to find a way to celebrate when we’re so close, yet so far from our loved ones.

I’ve been seeing on the news all the things people have been doing to celebrate special occasions. People have driven by the birthday person’s home, left cakes and special foods, gathered at parks where they can stay at least 6 feet away and yell “happy birthday.” But, where we live, none of that is possible, and we have some medically fragile relatives who simply shouldn’t leave their homes until this is over.

I don’t yet know what we’ll do to mark your special day. I never dreamed we would have to do anything like this. But it’s also looking like we’ll be celebrating Brother’s birthday in the same way in a couple of months.

Staying at home has been easy so far. But this is making it hard. So much harder than I thought. I just want to cry that you can’t celebrate your third birthday the way you should have been. I’m just glad you’re young enough that you don’t even know when you’re birthday is, or even have a firm idea of what a birthday is. But it means something to me; I birthed you, after all!

So, princess, here we are. You’ll be three before we know it. We’re stuck celebrating at home. It’s different. It’s not what I wanted. But we’ll find a way to celebrate.



4 thoughts on “Safer at Home Order Journal #5.5

  1. Pulling at the heart strings here! A friend of ours did a virtual toga party for his birthday using Zoom. The best part was his little girls dressed up in pillow cases as togas. Maybe your baby girl can enjoy something like that?


    1. That sounds like so much fun! I love reading about how creative people have been getting to celebrate different occasions. I think she would absolutely love getting to play in her pillow case. Or with it, at least.


  2. Fill one room with balloons and bake three different type of cakes! Paint your face as animals! Build a cardboard labyrinth ! I’m pretty sure she will remember anyway the birthday you celebrated together…with no one else but mama 🙂


    1. It all sounds like fun! And we do seem to have accumulated quite a bit of cardboard lately. I hope that, whatever we do, she does remember having fun, though a toddler’s memory tends to be spotty and jumbled up at best!


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