A Breakdown of Social Media (that I have attempted) (revisited)

I’m not at all amazed that my feelings about social media have not changed in the approximate two years it’s been since this first posted. I guess I’m just not a social media person, but I keep the accounts around just in case. Do feel free and stop by, but I can never guarantee there will be anything new or interesting any time soon.

First published June 26, 2018

I am not the most enthusiastic fan of social media. I’m still not. It was a huge time waster years ago and I often found myself not caring about what people I barely knew were doing today, yesterday, or a minute ago. Still true. But social media seems to be an important component to blogging. Sigh. Double sigh because it’s still true.

I’ve tried out Twitter. I have a private Facebook account. I’ve been working on demystifying Instagram and Pinterest. But, being as far from a social media whiz as I can get, I find it mostly humorous.

Care to know what I think?

Twitter: A practice in being succinct, or a bad speller.

I didn’t like the 3 ring circus that is Twitter. Is it any wonder I still don’t? It annoyed me to no end. Still does. If I’m going to write about it, I’m going to write a lengthier blog post. They’re getting longer, in case you were wondering. I’m a writer. I like metaphors and similes and proper grammar and punctuation. Twitter makes me want to fly far, far, far away (over the hills and through the woods to Grandmother’s house in a land far, far away once upon a time).

Instagram: Every picture has a story.

Cute, and true. Every picture does come with a story. But cue the bad photographer in me. And two kids who either want the camera or won’t stop sticking body parts everywhere. Yeah, you’ll never see a good picture from me, which makes this one a poor choice for me, but maybe someone will get a kick out of that furry blur that I promise you is my cat running from her human siblings. I promise you my pictures have not improved at all. I guess bad photography is kind of my thing.

Facebook: A book of faces and their stories.

No joke, I ended up on Facebook the first time because I read about it in my college’s newspaper and thought it was a book of faces. The writer in me was interested. I was wrong, but people started finding me… But it really is a place for people to share their lives and their stories and the things that mean a lot to them, which is nice, but I’m not big on sharing. Anyone know what I look like? Anyone? Good. We’ll keep it that way. The Lily Cafe does have a page now, not that I do anything with it, but I’ve gotten some likes and follows, I think, which is nice.

Pinterest: The kitchen drawer full of random bits of paper.

Okay, I actually like Pinterest. Still do, most of the time. It’s how I get most of my page views. I wanted it early on, but, at the time, could only sign in with Facebook, which I no longer had. Too bad. It’s a nice place to keep interesting ideas and fun things you find that you want to return to. But I can also see it becoming a jumbled mess in a kitchen drawer, just somewhat more organized. If you can remember which board you pinned it to. As organized as I once tried to make my boards, they still look like my kitchen drawers.

I know that’s not all the social media platforms there are, but I’ve had enough trouble figuring these out, so am not inclined to check out any others. Though you can find The Lily Cafe on Pinterest, Instagram (especially if you’re interested in seeing more of my cat), and Facebook and Twitter. I think this blog can be found under either The Lily Cafe or Kat from the Lily Cafe. Like I said, I’m bad when it comes to social media.

Hope you had fun! And maybe someone could give me some pointers??? I changed my mind. Please don’t.

8 thoughts on “A Breakdown of Social Media (that I have attempted) (revisited)

  1. Social media today is emotionally draining. I literally can only take about 10 minutes of it a day or I feel shaky and sick to my stomach. If it is around PMS, I can’t watch it at all because of my nerves. I could never get Twitter. Just … no. Instagram was my thing for awhile but when everyone started yelling at everyone else for what they didn’t post as much as what they did .. I was over it. Still have an account and go on once every couple of weeks but I can’t be on there every day, which sucks because I’d like to promote my books. Oh well…


    1. I’ve heard people call social media a necessary evil, but, when it can make you feel that terrible, it’s just evil. I admire the people who can get really into it and make it work for them, but it’s just not for everyone, and I hate that the world seems to revolve around it. I read so many horror stories about what goes on on social media and I just have to ask why they want to be on it in the first place if they’re that upset by what people say and what they post. I guess some people thrive on drama and some, like you, don’t, which is nice because then I don’t feel so alone in not utilizing it, though it’s more indifference on my end.


  2. I love this post, because I can totally relate to being less than enthused about the social media front. I have a Twitter account and YouTube channel, but I have to admit that this blog is my pride and joy. I’m a writer; so naturally, blogging is what comes naturally and this platform caters to allowing me the opportunity to do what I love. Social media has its place, but I prefer to spend the majority of my time where I can do my most productive output. Hey, I am thinking about becoming a student of Pinterest though. I actually have an account set up but haven’t done anything with it yet. I figure I’ll look into doing something with it once I get my Etsy store up and running. Loved this “real talk” view of social media and its relevance in a writer’s life.:)


    1. Writers need to write and I feel only blogging really provides that. I sometimes hate how indifferent I feel about social media because it just sounds so useful, but my blog is my pride and joy as well and pouring all of myself into it makes me happiest. Though I agree social media does have its place. Pinterest seems like the most friendly one because there’s less interaction compared to the others, but it’s also kind of dizzying with all the content on it. I’ve also read they change their algorithms frequently, so it’s often difficult to get meaningful traffic from it, but I wish you luck! And thanks so much for reading and enjoying!


  3. I feel the same way about twitter! I find facebook and IG so much easier then trying to put my thoughts into limited words. It drove me crazy. Now I venture on once a month. xo


    1. Once a month sounds like a good idea, just enough to get a taste, but not too much to become overwhelmed. I agree, Facebook and Instagram are much easier.


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