Journal For My Kids #5

Dear Kids,

Yup, the pandemic is still on. Yup, it’s Election Day. Yup, it’s been an interesting time.

It’s been kind of interesting to watch everything going on, all the rallies and events where masks have been worn. Or not. Watching all the voter suppression going on in it’s myriad ways. Listening to all the people on Dad’s favorite media shows doing their thing and going on and on for hour long monologues (I exaggerate, but that’s seriously what it sounds like to me).

Anyways, kids, I’m not as into politics as Dad, but I just wanted to make a note and say, yes, there’s a pandemic and an election going on at the same time. This is one year where I keep thinking maybe I should have encouraged Dad to get a job in China. At least we’d be closer to my best friend, who seems to be having a wonderful time gallivanting around her new home these days.

Actually, it all feels kind of anti-climatic. The whole country was building up to tonight, but it just feels like it’s fizzing out because several states will still be counting votes for days. Right now, right after both of you are finally asleep for the night, Biden is ahead, but, well, we’ll just have to wait and see. There are still so many states that are still counting, that won’t be known for some time. But at least we won’t have to watch any more political ads.

Love, Mom

5 thoughts on “Journal For My Kids #5

  1. Someone told me they couldn’t wait for November 4th, and even then I thought, ‘Why? It won’t be over for weeks…’


    1. I hope everyone is finally realizing the process is actually incredibly long. But most people lack patience and have been spoiled from most elections being called the night of.


      1. People are very impatient! I’m not calling anything till a certain current leader concedes the loss, knowing him.


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