Queen of the Garden of Girls, Part 47

Chapter Sixteen, continued

Rose steeled herself as she gripped the golden key in one hand, the other hand clutching the knob of a nondescript door. It wasn’t inside the Hall, but, rather opened out onto the front lawn. The only way in or out was through the door Rose stood before.

Her fingers trembled a little as she tried to shove the key into the hole. She cursed softly as the key slid past the knob. The hand gripping the knob tightened, but she could feel her hand growing slick.

It had been too long since it had been opened, since what lay inside had been used. She’d made a promise to the Portal Keeper; it wasn’t hers to use. But it was almost time to hand over the key, almost time to hand over the reins. She needed to check on affairs, make sure she knew what the next Portal Keeper was stepping into.

Rose had hoped it would be at least a few more years before this day came. With the way things had been going, it looked like it might be another decade. But another ten years would have been disastrous. Eight years had already probably been too long.

But Rose didn’t know. The door hadn’t been opened in eight years. Sealed without explanation on this side, she was nervous about what she was about to step into, if, of course, she could ever get the key into the tiny little keyhole.

Honestly, opening up one little locked door shouldn’t be so much trouble, but her hands were shaking too much. From fear or nerves, she wasn’t sure. It had been years since she had stepped through, since she’d opened the way. She shouldn’t have done so in the first place; it hadn’t been her right.

Taking a deep breath, she finally managed to plunge the key into the hole and give it a quick turn. The lock clicked and she twisted the knob. The door silently swung open to reveal a small, dusty room with a single tall object shrouded in the middle.

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      1. I’m aiming for sometime during the first half of next year. Though, of course, that means I ought to be writing right now, haha!


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