Safer at Home Order Journal #11

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To read this entry, both an update since #10 and a 2020 summary, head over to Chelsea’s blog! Thank you to this lovely and always funny lady for the opportunity to do this guest post and for giving me the kick I needed to write to my kids again. Also, stick around and poke through her blog. It’s chock full of stories, poems, life musings, contests, and overall humorous material that both strikes a chord and brings a giggle or two.

Safer at Home Journal For My Kids

Thank you, Chelsea! It’s much appreciated!

Back in March, right before the pandemic struck the US, Chelsea was lovely enough to do a guest post here on The Lily Cafe. Check it out!

3 thoughts on “Safer at Home Order Journal #11

  1. Kat – This idea of writing to your children about this timeframe in their lives is truly genius. They are so blessed to have a mom who chronicled these unprecedented events in their lives. It’s like taking photographs that will last through the ages. They’ll truly appreciate reading through these accounts in their history when they’re older.


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