Short Story: The Tablet

Short Story: The Tablet

Once upon a time, The Lily Cafe was a writing blog. The writing community that existed here somewhere around 7 years ago was amazing and supportive. I met so many lovely writers and I have very fond memories of exchanging thoughts and ideas with many of them. Sadly, most of them left this space, except for the incredibly lovely and wonderful Jennifer M. Zeiger.

Whether you’re a long-time reader or a recent follower, Jennifer’s name shouldn’t be new. She’s been a long-time blogging friend who has embarked on her publishing journey in recent years. When she isn’t busy writing, editing, publishing, and marketing, she’s kind enough to drop in here to provide writing advice and ideas for my own stories, and they’re always so good and I wouldn’t know what to do without her thoughts!

I mention Jennifer here as much as I can, but I also love having her here on the blog.

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But, wait, you’re here looking for a short story, aren’t you? Well, Jennifer is not only kind enough to let me feature her here now and then, but she also features one of my short stories now and then on her blog (which is great because I never seem to muster up enough courage to post them here myself).

Today, she’s posting a story I call “The Tablet.” It’s a relatively short piece of fiction told by an 85 year old woman who was forced into retirement and who now finds herself alone with a questionable young man and a heavy piece of stone. I do hope you’ll stop by her blog and take a read as I’m very fond of the story, and very nervous about eyes seeing it.

Thank you so much, Jennifer! If not for you, this short story would never have seen the light of day!

6 thoughts on “Short Story: The Tablet

    1. Oh, wow, thank you so much! It was kind of just a fun writing exercise, so I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I sometimes consider writing for competitions, but I just get so nervous about submitting that I never do. Maybe one day, though. Thank you so much for your encouragement!


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