Books That Remind Me of Other Books: The Code by Peter McAllister

As a lifelong book lover, I’ve read so many books that many of the books I read now remind me of books I’ve read before. Today I’ll be talking about all the books The Code by Peter McAllister reminds me of.

From Amazon:

The Code is a sci-fi novel by Peter McAllister

Book Review: Whammy by Ted Akin - a fun novel consisting of a comic book without pictures, a mystery, and magicWhammy by Ted Akin. Whammy is more fantasy and comic book, but it and The Code have the same funny humor in the writing, making it a huge pleasure to read. I love bits of humor, especially when it comes to science fiction since I only ever understand about half of the science, so it makes reading them a lot more fun.

Book Review: The Cosmic Misfortunes of the Furious Ginger by S. J. Maddock - science fictionThe Cosmic Misfortunes of the Curious Ginger by S.J. Maddock. Again, it’s the humor in the writing that really sets this off, but, in this book, there’s also someone mysterious out to get the main character. It also involves a trip to Mars where scientists are attempting to terraform it, which is different from a mining operation on the Moon in The Code, but was enough of a parallel for me to think of this book.

The Stars That Beckon by Kevin J. SimingtonThe Stars That Beckon by Kevin J. Simington. Would it be overkill to note the humor thing again? This also involves a trip to the moon and the destruction of humanity, but it goes a step further.


Book Review: Atlas by Becca C. SmithAtlas by Becca C. Smith. Okay, these two books are quite different, but they both involve having to save humanity. The Code is about scientists on Earth trying to prevent an AI running the mining operation on the moon from destroying humanity and Atlas is about a young woman accidentally put into the position of having to commit an atrocious act in order to restore balance and save humanity.

Colossus by D. F. JonesColossus by D. F. Jones. This one is about an AI that ends up taking over the world, which is not the aim of the AI in The Code, but the sentience achieved by the AI in both books was definitely a stark similarity by the time I’d reached the last quarter of The Code.

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