Books That Remind Me of Other Books: Malice by Heather Walter

As a lifelong book lover, I’ve read so many books that many of the books I read now remind me of books I’ve read before. Today I’ll be talking about all the books Malice by Heather Walter reminds me of.

From Amazon:

Heather Walter's Malice

“Cinderella”. So, Malice is technically a “Sleeping Beauty” retelling, and I definitely got it. It’s basically Maleficent’s back story. But Alyce’s characterization and how she was treated, especially by the three Graces she lived with and their housemistress, strongly reminded me of “Cinderella”. A dark twist on “Cinderella” perhaps?

Book review: Pricked by Scott MooneyPricked by Scott Mooney. This is a generally fairy tale inspired book, but I got the sense the main character, Briar, was inspired by Sleeping Beauty herself. In this version, though, Briar is far from the typical fairy tale princess, just like the princess in MaliceMy review


The Watershed Trilogy by Douglas Niles. I read these books almost 20 years ago and still love them. They’re very traditional fantasy, but the layout of the world is very similar to the world in Malice. Both have a continent divided into 3 parts: the human realm, the home of the fae, and a dark land full of dark and dangerous creatures.

Gerard by Carla ReighardGerard by Carla Reighard. Like MaliceGerard is a retelling of a familiar Disney villain, Gaston. But I kind of actually prefer the self-published Gerard because it does break out of the bonds of the fairy tale and the Disney version to really craft an incredible villain origin story. My review


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