Books That Remind Me of Other Books: Talk Bookish to Me by Kate Bromley

As a lifelong book lover, I’ve read so many books that many of the books I read now remind me of books I’ve read before. Today I’ll be talking about all the books Talk Bookish to Me by Kate Bromley reminds me of.

From Amazon:

Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade, a cute romanceSpoiler Alert by Olivia Dade. There are a lot of similarities here. Like Spoiler Alert, Talk Bookish to Me has a couple who know each other, except, in this one, both parties know they know each other. There’s also the social media. Kara is a Bookstagrammer, and Twitter was a big part of Spoiler Alert. There’s the romance where secrets were kept, but most of the communication was decently mature; issues with parents; and incredible and interesting friends. I’m beginning to think if you liked one, you might like the other! Spoiler Alert is just a little more serious than Talk Bookish to Me.

Home at Summer's End by Alys MurrayHome at Summer’s End by Alys Murray. Home at Summer’s End is about a woman who loves romance novels and is keenly aware of how reality does not mirror fiction (despite the book following the romance formula). In Talk Bookish to Me, Kara is a romance novelist who is keenly aware of how reality does not mirror fiction. I loved that both books noted when, in a romance novel, something would happen whereas, in real life, it doesn’t happen that way.

Book Review: What You Wish For by Katherine Center - a cute, easy women's fiction novelWhat You Wish For by Katherine Center. I thought of this one primarily because there’s a couple with a history of dating in both books. That’s really it.


Bella Cigna by Wendi DassBella Cigna by Wendi Dass. In Talk Bookish to Me, Kara has arranged to leave NYC to spend six month in Italy. Bella Cigna mostly takes place in Italy, and it takes the reader on a very artsy trip around Rome. Talk Bookish to Me mostly keeps to the touristy attractions, but it was nice to travel around Italy in both books.

Book Blog Tour: An Excerpt of The Summer Villa by Melissa Hill - a fun women's fiction novel that takes place on the Amalfi Coast in ItalyThe Summer Villa by Melissa Hill. This one is also mostly set in Italy. It’s about three women who meet at a villa and become friends. Similarly, Kara makes a friend in Italy. In both books, bits of insight about life and love are tossed around.


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5 thoughts on “Books That Remind Me of Other Books: Talk Bookish to Me by Kate Bromley

    1. Thank you! It is really interesting to see what books pop into my head while reading, and even more fun to see which ones they are.


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