What Would Help Make You More Interested in a Book?

One of the things I love doing on my blog is offering a space to indie authors to help promote their books. Currently, I do this by offering spots for guest posts and novel excerpts. But I’m never really sure if it’s enough, or if either actually helps get a reader more interested in a book.

So, final question, I promise.

Since I read so many self-published books, I sometimes Google the author or book to see how much more information I can gather before making a decision. Now I want to know what you find most useful so I can offer better options to authors to help promote them.

When you’re looking into a book you might be interested in reading or hear of a book you haven’t previously heard of, other than reviews or just seeing it everywhere, what would help make you more interested in a book?

Guest posts written by the author about their book(s)? Book spotlights? Excerpts? Interviews? Cover reveals? Something else?

Please let me know by answering my poll or in the comments.

Thank you so much!

15 thoughts on “What Would Help Make You More Interested in a Book?

    1. Thank you so much! I agree; finding a way to connect with an author is a great way to determining whether to read a book. It’s so nice to be able to get their why on it and get to know them better.


    1. It definitely helps; thank you so much! I agree guest posts are wonderful for helping readers connect with authors and stories. They’ve inspired me now and then to pick up a book.


  1. Excerpts connected with an interview would help me decide. But I’ll also do your poll to help 😉 I don’t know why I’ve never thought about asking you if you would share a post about my book. I guess because I’m very bad at being bold and asking people for favors. I feel …. weird. Anyhow, off to read the other chapters of your story. I skipped so many blog posts this week after getting distracted with trying to design book covers via Photoshop that I have a huge amount to catch up on.


    1. That’s fantastic to know; thank you! I would absolutely love to have you on my blog. Anything I can do to help spread the word about your books, I’m more than happy to do. So far I’ve gotten a lot of feedback indicating readers really enjoy guest posts, though I’m sure I can rummage around in my brain for some good interview questions. I love the cover you decided on. One of my biggest pet peeves is when covers and stories don’t match, but I think yours is perfect.


      1. I decided I needed to get a little more serious about my covers. I may hire someone in the future but right now the funds aren’t there and this is a hobby more than anything else so I’m not willing to shell the money out if I can pull of something at least remotely decent. I should have tried photoshop before. I knew I could do it if I just spent some time with it.


      2. What you’ve made is a lot nicer than a lot of other indie covers I’ve seen, so I think you’re quite lucky to have the skills you do!


      3. Either way works for me but don’t feel obligated. You’ve got so much going on. I just enjoy following along. I can email you sometime and see what you think. Maybe an excerpt from The Farmer’s Daughter as I finish up Harvesting Hope to come out in August.


      4. No, no, I love doing what I can for authors! Especially those I already love reading. I’m always itching to share anything an author will let me. If you’d like, we could do an excerpt of The Farmer’s Daughter to coincide with Harvesting Hope’s publication and generate interest for both. Anything you’re comfortable with doing, I’m happy to do.


    1. Somehow it’s become one of my favorite things to do. I can’t review every book, but I can at least do my best to help spread the word about it. Looks like I’ll definitely need to start coming up with some interview questions!


  2. Probably cover reveals for me. I know it’s shallow, but I’ve found that high-quality covers from indie authors tend to lead to better-edited books. My experience has been that if the cover looks like something that was created from clip-art, the book wasn’t given as much care, either (though there are exceptions to every rule!). Again, I know it sounds shallow but that’s been my experience.

    This is a great topic and I’m always excited to find book bloggers who support indie authors (who, frankly need much more help than the big names).

    -Megan Bookstacks & Golden Moms


    1. Sorry for the late response! But thank you for your input! It means a lot to me and is incredibly helpful. I agree a high quality cover is usually a good indication; I’ve come across the same myself. With so many readers becoming hooked based on the cover alone, it’s absolutely a very important part! Again, thank you!


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