Sisters of String and Glass, Part 27

Chapter Eight – continued

Abigail stifled a yawn, but did as Clarice told her and raised her arms. It was, after all, the dead of night, but it was also the only time Clarice could work on her and Camille’s gowns so Muriel wouldn’t see the fabric from the Sun Kingdom.

“A little higher,” Clarice said, gently raising one of Abigail’s arms. She shook her head of purple hair and sighed. “I know it is late, Abigail, but I must get this done.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Abigail grumbled. “Do the fae ever need to sleep?”

Clarice laughed, a light tinkling sound. “Not quite the same way you humans do.”

“Come on, Gail,” Camille said from where Clarice’s fae assistant was measuring her. “It’s just one night.”

“I don’t see how you can be so cheerful. Doesn’t Muriel have you running around like a servant?”

Camille shrugged, forcing the fae lady working on her dress to tut unpleasantly at her. “Muriel has been having me assist Violet, and Violet will shoo me off to steal naps as often as she can. Doesn’t Helene do the same?”

“We’re afraid to,” Abigail admitted. “Muriel comes barging into the kitchens when she pleases to make demands for food. We usually hear her coming and Helene will force me into a corner or under a table or into the shadows. Honestly, Camille, I don’t think the kitchens are as safe as you think they are for me.”

Camille frowned. “It must be because she’s making sure Madeline hasn’t been sneaking back into them. Did you know Muriel has Madeline locked up most of the day with an etiquette instructor? I heard Muriel yelling at her daughter to not embarrass her at Andalissa’s soiree.”

Abigail rolled her eyes. “I doubt very much anyone will really take notice of Madeline and Muriel. They’ll be complete outsiders, and you know how snobby the royals and wealthiest families can be.”

“But it’ll be good to make sure Madeline doesn’t make a mistake,” Camille said, turning concerned eyes on her sister. “It would reflect badly on our family.”

“Andalissa will probably think it funny.”

“Muriel won’t. Neither will Father when he hears about it. You know how prickly Father can get if we embarrass him.”

Abigail limply waved a hand. “So let him. Serves him right for being gone most of the year, every year.”

“Abigail,” Camille said, the sharpness in her voice making Abigail’s head shoot up. “What is the matter with you? This isn’t like you.”

Abigail turned away. “I’m tired, Camille.” She sighed. “I must be a bit grouchy.”

Clarice patted her hand, drawing her attention. “That’s it, Abigail. You can head off to bed now.”

Abigail smiled, her arms quickly swinging down with a sigh. Under her sister’s frown, she quickly went behind the screen in the corner to remove the gown and replace it with the dress she’d worn all day.

As quickly as she could, she hurried from the room, leaving Camille to the two fae. With determined steps, she marched over to Madeline’s rooms. She didn’t care how late it was. She needed to make sure Madeline was ready for the soiree in five days. Madeline needed to capture Adrian’s attention. She needed Madeline to capture Adrian’s attention, if only to make him stop looking for her.

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7 thoughts on “Sisters of String and Glass, Part 27

  1. I’m half wondering if Madeline will embarrass everyone simply to spite her mother…but she’ll look so innocent doing it few will realize her actions were intentional. Hmm, so many possible shenanigans!


      1. YUP. Add, bitter, vindictive, and manipulative to that and you have my mother-in-law. Thankfully she moved away several years ago and we haven’t seen her since.


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