Author Reading: Jana Williams, author of Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult

The Lily Cafe is thrilled to welcome you to our fifth author reading! Today I’m delighted to host the author of Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult, Jana Williams.

Jana is one of those people who seems to have boundless energy and ideas, and who has an incredible ability to funnel it all into helping others. We met early on in our blogging careers and quickly bonded over our roles as mothers. I’ve been in awe of her, everything she’s done, and everything she has planned since. I’m delighted to have the chance to host her here today.

Jana is a mother and content creator who is devoted to God and is guided by her motherhood journey. As a writer, she naturally focuses on reading and writing. In addition to writing and publishing her debut novel, she also actively creates reading and writing resources specifically for parents and educators to use with their students. Check out her resources on Etsy.

Her debut novel, Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult, combines everything Jana seeks to deliver in important reminders and messages to adults who seem stuck in their lives. As an energetic, industrious individual, she encourages readers to reach back to their own energetic, curious childhood days and use the lessons they learned then in their adult lives now.

I’m frequently exhausted reading about Jana’s journey, but I also deeply admire her. Very often, her posts on her blog, Degrees of Maternity, encourage me to keep going and teach me lessons on things I had never really thought about, from motherhood to blogging. For goal-oriented individuals, Jana offers numerous tips and ideas, along with practical reminders and encouragements to be flexible. I’m so very blessed to have the opportunity to call her a dear blogging friend. She has so much to offer and is always so warm, friendly, and encouraging. I’m delighted to have this opportunity to have her here to read from her book and offer her wisdom.

Without further ado, enjoy a description of Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult followed by the reading.

About Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult

playground instruction for the growing adult

Are you fixated on a life that’s not your own? Just can’t seem to get going with realizing your dreams? Feel like you’re stuck in the mud of excuses and your past? Don’t know what to do?

Then, it’s time to hit the playground!

When children play, they’re learning the skills and life lessons needed to succeed as adults. But as grown-ups, we sometimes forget what we learned as children.

Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult reminds us of those lessons and points the way toward the personal and professional growth needed to propel ourselves forward.

Calls to action such as “Get physical and don’t just spectate”, “Ditch the hang-ups”, and “Do what you love” are highlighted within the pages of this book.

So, play until your heart’s content and make some moves toward living your best adult life!

Please welcome Jana Williams!

Thank you so much, Jana (and special thanks to your daughter)! It was an incredible pleasure to have you here today.

About Jana Williams

Jana WilliamsJANA WILLIAMS is a human resources professional-turned-author, wife, and mother of three. She spent more than 10 years working in HR and homeschooled her youngest child for two years. Combining her business and teaching skills with her experiences as a mother, Jana shares her thoughts on life’s lessons and offers encouragement at the blog, Degrees of Maternity. Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult is her debut book.

Connect with Jana Williams

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The author, Jana Williams, retains all rights to the Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult reading published above, which may not be copied, reproduced, modified, sold, or distributed without the author’s express permission. To contact Jana Williams to request permission to utilize the author reading video other than to share it, please send your inquiry to Kat via the Contact page.

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3 thoughts on “Author Reading: Jana Williams, author of Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult

  1. Kat – Thank you so much for the awesome opportunity to be hosted on The Lily Cafe! I feel so incredibly honored as I’m sure all of the other authors from your “Author Readings” have been. You are truly a champion of the blogging and writing communities at-large. And, I just want you to know that all of your efforts are truly appreciated. This experience was absolutely FUN!:)


    1. So happy to! I’m always thrilled to have the chance to do what I can to help out others, especially indie authors, and I’m so very thankful and glad to have the opportunity to collaborate with you on this. Thank you so much, and I’m so glad it was fun for you!


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