First, Middle, and Last Impressions – August 4, 2021

I love taking a look at a book cover and description and then coming up with my own idea of what the book will be about. Sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m so wrong it’s almost funny. So I’ve decided to launch myself off of WWW Wednesday, a bookish meme run by Sam@Taking on a World of Words, and write about my first, middle, and last impressions of each book I read.

The first impression is based solely on the cover and description. What do I think it will be about?

The middle impression is kind of a check-in on how the story is going about halfway through.

The last impression is my final thoughts on the book, what I’m left thinking.

I hope you have as much fun with this as I will!

Legacy of Light by Matthew Ward – Fantasy

legacy of light

First Impression: Literally no clue what to expect! This is the third book in the trilogy and, as I thought the second book read like a finale, I really have no clue what could be contained on these pages, so my only impression is that there must be a ton left to write about because this is 800 pages.

Middle Impression: It’s starting to sound like something of a repeated story. There’s war within and without the Tressian Empire, very much like the first two books; people manipulating those around them; and the gods meddling and making vague deals so I’m hoping it doesn’t become predictable.

Last Impression: This turned out better than I thought it would! After a slow first half, it really picked up in the second and even made me tear up at the end. This last book of the trilogy is definitely about giving ends and new beginning to the characters.

Reclaimed by Madeline Roux – Science Fiction


First Impression: Is it terrible if I say I have no idea? Looking at the book description and the cover, I just have no idea how I feel about it, but it’s being published by one of my favorite publishing houses and deals with memory and I like it’s described as claustrophobic. So I’m hoping it might be a little creepy? Or it might be in a similar vein to We Could Be Heroes by Mike Chen, but much darker and not nearly as pretty?

Middle Impression: So, the story takes a bit to really get going, but now I’m starting to get an idea as to how everything will unfold. I’m definitely feeling claustrophobic, and it’s taken a bit of a creepy turn. Now I’m thinking about We Have Always Been Here by Lena Nguyen, but not quite as creepy. Yet.

Last Impression: There were a few minor loose threads, and few questions left in my mind, but I really enjoyed this book. It definitely made me feel claustrophobic, but it’s also a really good story about memories and taking the bad with the good. And, yeah, nothing like We Could Be Heroes, but that’s a good thing.

The Quest for the Holy Hummus and The Vegan Charade by James Allinson – Fantasy

the chickpea chronicles 1 and 2

First Impression of the first title: I think this first story in the series will be a ton of fun! It’s about a vegan dragon, so I’m anticipating a really fun fantasy read on the light side.

Last Impression of the first title: Short, but amusing. It nicely sets up the world and the events of the next book. Overall, it would definitely benefit from editing, especially since it was plot-oriented and could use more details. I’d have to agree with the author that it’s a fairly solid 3.5. I don’t use .5, so I’d probably say it’s a 3.

First Impression of the second title: Based on the first story, this should be just as much fun, hopefully with more world building and a meatier story.

Last Impression of the second title: This was a fun story that definitely had more to it and really fun dragon-people interactions. I also loved the hints of political maneuvering, though I’m still a little sketchy on the world.

Murder at the Town Hall by Denise Jaden – Cozy Mystery

murder at the town hall

First Impression: I have no idea what this book is about, but, as it’s the third in the series and I loved the first two, I’m sure I’ll adore this. I am hoping, though, to see more of Amber and Alex since it was mostly just Mallory and her grumpy cat in the last book.

Middle Impression: This is, as par for the course for this series, fast-paced. And, as usual, is making me hungry!

Last Impression: Quick and fast-paced, it kept me engaged and barely gave me a chance to stop and ponder any predictions. The Mallory-Amber relationship felt a little off, but I have a feeling it might have been intentional. On the plus side, Hunch the cat was seen more, and I do love when cats put in a good, long appearance!

Wildwood Whispers by Willa Reece – Women’s Fiction, Fantasy

wildwood whispers

First Impression: For some reason, the book description won’t stick in my head, so I’m just hoping for a charming, magical story about finding home. Maybe also with a bit of a dark overtone considering there’s a killer on the loose?

Middle Impression: This is turning out to be witchier than I expected, but it’s also making me want to garden and bake, so, all in all, a fun read for me!

What about you?


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