Sisters of String and Glass, Part 45

Chapter Twelve – continued

“I’m fine,” she whispered back.

“We’re looking for you,” came Camille’s hushed voice. “I’m leading them into the pastures, so I hope you’re not riding away with Pear.”

“I’m in the trees.”

“Good. Stay there. Stay there until I call you. But stay warm. Snow is coming. Muriel is furious. We need to talk tonight.”

Abigail clutched at the glass, her fingers starting to tingle. She wasn’t sure if it was from the cold or from the sudden drop in her blood pressure. She neither wanted to face Muriel nor discuss what had happened with Camille.

She turned her head in the direction she thought The Spindle lay in and bit her lip. She’d always dreamed of heading to Roderick Manor, of stepping through the portal. The stories she’d heard made it sound like it was easier to slip into obscurity there. There were small electronic devices people were obsessed with that prevented them from properly interacting with the delightful world they lived in. She could walk down a lane and no one would see her.

Her knuckles tightened around the glass. If Helene hadn’t decided to send her out for the dark chocolate that created that rich hot drink, she would never had entered the great hall, never seen Adrian. Madeline would have been able to make her impression on him. Perhaps she’d even be engaged to him right this moment!

Instead, she was huddled in a tree, a light dusting of snow finally falling. Her hand dropped from the glass and she pulled her cloak tightly around herself. It was still cold, but staying huddled against the tree helped a little. She tugged her hood over her head and rested her forehead against the rough bark.

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