Sisters of String and Glass, Part 50

Chapter Thirteen – continued

The castle’s steward, a surprisingly young man with a bland face and impeccable manners bowed to them, the short ponytail behind his head barely moving as his head bent and rose.

“Your Highness,” he said, his voice crisp and proper. “The King and Queen await your arrival. Please follow me.”

“Lead on, young man,” Grant said, sweeping his arm out.

The steward bowed again before turning smartly and heading off in what Adrian vaguely remembered as the direction of the main parlor Gray and Coryn usually greeted family in. It had been a decade since he’d set foot in the castle, but very little appeared to have changed. Though he couldn’t say he minded the change in stewards; the former one had been old and stodgy and had constantly yelled at him, James, and Abigail to stop running in the halls.

The royal family of the Glass Kingdom was large with many cousins across the generations, but Gray and Coryn only hosted one or two families at a time, so the parlor was relatively small compared to the rest of the castle. It was cozy, though, and Adrian always felt more at home in it than anywhere else. The floor was a pale wood, but the rugs strategically placed so no shoe ever had to touch the wood were plush and bore intricate designs in dark, vivid colors. The furniture was similarly plush and comfortable, inviting guests to stay and recline for a while. The windows with sea green sheer curtains looked over the ocean with the lagoon far in the distance. Along one side was a long side table full of cakes, soups, buns, breads, cheeses, and fruits.

But the young woman currently standing in the middle of the room, her golden hair curling around her shoulders, stole everyone’s attention.

A teal gown perfectly flattered her slender figure with bared shoulders, a slim bodice, and the same layered without being too full skirt that was currently popular. The neckline and hem were decorated with opalescent pearls and an elegant strand of them adorned her long neck. Matching combs decorated with pearls and diamonds held her hair back on both sides. But it was the plain wooden box in her hands that drew everyone’s attention. It was overflowing with colorful jewels and golden coins.

The woman turned when the Prince and his family entered. Her sea green eyes coolly looked them over. Her skin was a perfect cold porcelain, making her look almost like a doll. Adrian distantly wondered if the sea witches had made her look that way while they gave her legs.

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    1. That’s a good question! I don’t actually know. The mermaid princess only glares when I ask her. I’ll let you know if I ever find out.


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