It’s That Time!! — Jennifer M Zeiger

discarded dragons jennifer m zeiger
Attention anyone whose ever said they’d like to be a dragon if they could be any mythological creature (ahem, me!)!

While Jennifer’s books are typically geared towards younger readers, they also appeal to a wide age range. Her third is set to be published September 1st.

Discarded Dragons is a choose-your-own-adventure novel featuring a steampunk dragon who was tossed aside by it’s Maker and who now seeks to sneak around to complete it’s design. With 12 possible endings, there’s bound to be a story for everyone!

Pre-orders are currently only available on Jennifer’s site and, if you’re hoping for a signed self-published book, definitely head over and pre-order now!

I like to dream. But I’m somewhat terrible at planning the steps between dreaming and making something a reality. Knowing this, my husband and I regularly sit down together and he helps me plan out each writing year. When we started this year, I’d never gone to a convention before. I’d also never taken an […]

It’s That Time!! — Jennifer M Zeiger

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