Sisters of String and Glass, Part 57

Chapter Fourteen – continued

The doors burst open, making her jump. She turned and saw Geoffrey accompanying two servants carrying two large bags each. As soon as the three men were inside, Geoffrey slammed the doors closed on the cold wind and directed the servants up the stairs to Lawrence’s rooms.

“Geoffrey?” Camille asked.

The older man quickly turned to her and bowed. “Yes, my Lady?”

“Could I have a cloak? I’d like to call on a friend.”

“Of course, my Lady.”

He moved with a spryness she hadn’t seen since before Lawrence had departed for the Pearl Kingdom, and Camille smiled, hoping home was back to normal now that everyone was in residence. At least, she and Abigail would be treated like ladies of royal blood instead of servants. She just wondered how long it would be before her father was sent away again.

Within moments, Geoffrey had returned with a thick winter cloak in a shimmery gray. He quickly and deftly wrapped it around her and closed the clasp at her throat, smiling as he did so.

“It’s wonderful to see you and your sister back to normal,” he said softly, his hands on her shoulders.

She smiled up at him. “I think so, too. Thank you, Geoffrey, for everything.”

He pulled away to bow deeply. “Anything for my Ladies.”

She grinned and curtsied, just as she used to when she was a young girl. He laughed softly and practically pranced over to the doors to hold one open for her.

She slipped out into the cold, tugging the cloak tightly around herself. She’d heard of warm winter coats and jackets from the linked world, but, sadly, they had yet to catch on here. There was a rumor the Great North was starting to adopt them, though she doubted her father would let her make such a long journey on her own just for a coat or jacket. No matter how nice and warm they sounded. Sometimes, the Glass Kingdom felt a little old fashioned, a little dated, a little backwards. But it was home. For now.

While the Murant Manor was just across the road from the winding path up to the castle, Olidan Manor was tucked away to the side, abutting against the hill, with the copse of trees Abigail had hidden in located just before the land swept upwards. In order to offer the most privacy to the king’s beloved cousin, the surrounding manors were set far from Olidan and had been granted to nobility who rarely came to the city.

Of course, the crown prince’s engagement was cause for all of them to flood back in. Camille reminded herself several times of this as she walked carefully around a sudden flux of people and carriages, stepping lightly to avoid sweeping skirts and trailing cloaks.

Fortunately, Murant Manor was only a short walk away. She should have taken the carriage, but, with Father home, it was best to leave it for his use. Besides, she didn’t mind the walk; it gave her time to puzzle out her sister. And whether or not she and Andalissa really should pursue pushing their siblings together.


She turned sharply at the sound of the bright, female voice, and grinned as she recognized Andalissa with a cream colored cloak flapping open behind her, her hands hiking up her skirts so she could better run.

Andalissa, barely breathless, drew up in front of Camille and grasped her arms, grinning and looking her friend up and down. “Has your father thrown that dreadful woman out of the manor yet?”

Camille laughed. “Not yet. But we need to talk, Anda.”

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