Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #6

In short, there will be A LOT of book reviews coming. Through the beginning of October, at least. Back in the Spring I thought my kids would be back at school, so may have overloaded my June-September schedule. I got a bit backed up, so now I have a lot of book reviews to post by the end of September.

But first…

Let’s Catch Up a Bit

  • With school for my kids being so demanding and me so tired, I decided to downgrade my plan, so, I don’t know if anyone noticed, but things were kind of wonky around here last week. It was an…interesting experience. If you ended up getting a ton of emails or notifications that I posted a lot, that was because of the downgrade. I don’t know why only that particular batch, but I apologize for the weirdness.
  • Downgrading my plan meant everything reverted back about 2 years, so I had to redo my menu, which was a long process, but also kind of interesting. It was fun to see some content I hadn’t even thought about in 2 years. It was also a little startling to see how many of my older posts had been saved to Pinterest. I noticed one had been saved 102 times!
  • Right at the beginning of my break, I noticed I had about 54000 words written in Sisters of String and Glass. If I’d been doing NaNo, I’d have won. As it is, I’d only just reached the halfway point at around 50000 words. I’m so excited to start sharing the second half today!
  • Our school district, after worrying so much about the learning loss, decided to go on a 5 day break. 5 days! 5! I’m so confused about it I don’t even have words. 5 days…
  • We’re now at the start of week 5 of school, and the district has another no school day on Thursday. But I think we could really use it. See, after doing the math, my son doing the online option actually ends up doing academics longer than his in-classroom peers. I’m not sure how him going back into the classroom will work out, but it’ll be an interesting experience. He’s already accidentally been exposed to 3rd grade math.

And with that we’ll jump in and check out what’s coming up next!

Book Reviews

After an August full of indie reads, and a few from publishers/NetGalley, I now have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…um, a lot of reviews to post. Most days will have a review. For September, anyways. I’m keeping my October-December schedule light, so I expect I’ll be filling it fun posts. Provided my son’s school doesn’t kill me first.

I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to writing reviews, though. Or, as a grad school classmate pointed out, is it the train coming at me?

Sisters of String and Glass and This Story

I’ve done absolutely no writing for This Story, but have done a lot of planning in my head and am really excited about what I’ll write in it one day. Hopefully soon because I’ve literally had zero new story ideas (just vague impressions kind of floating around in an amorphous way) since I came up with the one for This Story. Though it is nice to be able to throw all my creative energy into This Story and Sisters.

After feeling a lull with Sisters, I’ve rekindled an interest in it. I’m writing the second half now and, well, it’s not exactly going to plan, but I feel oddly delighted with what my characters have thrown at me. I can’t wait to get into the real meat of it and to start sharing the midpoint this week.

Odds and Ends

  • Nope, no baking posts. Again. It’s just been too hot here to bake. Besides, all my family will ever eat is chocolate cake and bread. I’m slowly perfecting my chocolate cake, but it’s not there yet.
  • My Impressions posts will continue every other week. I love doing them and having them helps me with writing my reviews.
  • I have a couple of guest posts coming up, likely in October. They’re not in genres I read, but maybe you will be interested.
  • I’m so happy to start participating in Top 5 Saturday again! It’s run by Mandy at Devouring Books, but had to temporarily stop. She started it back up again a few weeks ago, and now I can’t wait to start doing it again this Saturday.

Anyone have anything exciting coming up the next couple of months? Any upcoming posts you’re excited to share?

Sincerely, kat

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8 thoughts on “Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #6

  1. I tried upgrading once during a half price sale but then decided the business plan wasn’t worth the complications it caused for me so I reverted back and even in that short period, the reverting managed to mess up so much stuff. I was not in a happy place trying to fix everything back.

    54,000 words is excellent. You should try doing the second half during NaNoWriMo this year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had no idea reverting back would be so much trouble. I suppose it’s better to pick something and stick with it. While I got used to the business plan after a while, it’s really not worth it to make any more changes.

      Thanks! With November coming up soon, I’m really thinking about it.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been trying to puzzle it out, but I really have no idea, either. Though it might explain why I fall asleep so quickly at night, haha. Thanks! The middle was a bit tougher to write than I expected, but I’m loving writing it now and can’t wait to share it all.

      Liked by 1 person

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